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The insidious danger of prejudice


Whatever the form of your prejudice whether it be for something really strongly good or something negatively that makes you really hate – it is dangerous.

Prejudice is a symptom that can rise in the labyrinth mind of intellectuals and equally in the ignorant mind. (My sentence is inspired by a quote from Ben Hecht after the First World War).

Why do I say this now?  I am seeing a pattern of history beginning to repeat itself in our lifetimes.

After the First World War a speech pattern began to emerge amongst the German populace that was increasingly intolerant of other people groups.  They sought to blame others for the poverty and ills of their nation and it’s problems.  The old scapegoat of the anti-sematism spirit began to enter people minds and went unchecked, given room to vent and be heard.  Words birth ideas and concepts amongst other things.  Thus hearing these words of hate speech towards in this case the Jews especially from those who had influence meant it began to be accepted by the mainstream population.   With a few notable exceptions of small band christians one of whom was an intellectual,  Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He faught a valiant fight trying to stop the hate and missconcepts being spoken of. (Sadly just before the end of the war was captured and killed.  He left an important legacy though for Germany and many of the west).  I recommend reading his life story.  It has so many prophetic parallels to our society today.  We are heading down a similar road to war if we do not change things now.  Maybe it is inevitable, but lets plunder hell and populate heaven before it is too late.

Why does prejudice matter and why am I talking about it today?

I am listening to how people are talking to each other about each other.  I see several patterns of history beginning to repeat itself.

Nazi intolerance of different races in the west even in the USA.  Leading to the unbelievable rise of anti-sematism again.

Political poison speech.  Republican hate speech of  Democrats, calling them demoncrats is just as bad – as hate speech from the Democrats. Republicans try to blame it all on the Bible slagging each other off.    Now, don’t get me wrong I love the Bible and try to live my life by it and totally believe it is the holy Word of God.  But I know good christians and people on both political parties, both equally speaking in an obnoxious way trying to ‘provoke’ thought and response from the other side.  Except it is not having the effect they think it will.  They are shooting themselves in the foot.  They have been seduced into the evils of prejudice.

Whenever, you hate, or fear something you sink to lower levels of life.  Fear closes your mind and heart off to others, shrinking your ability to love others.  Hate not only shuts the door in other’s faces but opens up, indeed invites, destructive extermation of other’s points of views.  Intolerance breeds contempt and extermination of the other point of view.  Look at the school shootings.  We kill those who oppose our point of view or who do not receive us, not just physically,  but with our words and attitudes too.   Here is the dictionary definition of contempt:  “to view others as beneath yourself, to scorn, ridicule, disrespect, to view as worthless.”  So you can see these are not good values to have never mind to espouse to each other.

In allowing ourselves the selfish relish to parade our toxic thoughts and speech regarding others we affect not only ourselves, but those around us and then because we have allowed this, especially if we are in a position of influence – then it becomes the standard of discourse for the many.  As goes the head so goes the body and tail.  Tearing each other down, fearing different points of view because they do not match our own.

The USA was supposed to have been built on Judeo and Christian principles where all men and women are free and equal.  That implies respect, value, freedom, the right to prosper in all things for all people groups both men and women.

These days I often find that while trying to buy British labeled food in an american supermarket I am directed to buy this from so called ‘Ethnic’ aisle, so the denotation of ‘ethnic’ can fluctuate in its meaning of race anyway.  It’s relative, to black people I am ethnic when I am in Kenya, to USA I am ethnic as a Brit apparently, but in the end it does not matter at all.  Regardless respect needs to be given and life valued both for baby, child and the adult.   It behooves us let people matter to each of us and to God regards of their roots.

Here is a great quote from Deithrich Bonhoeffer. “If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the opposite direction.”  It is still the wrong train!

The greatest gift that Hitler had was his Stanically inspired rhetoric.  It stirred thousands and convinced them to become one with hate and extermination and intolerance and prejudice of others.  What was that?  WORDS.  Spoken amongst family and friends at first, then spread into propaganda, then into the greater public inflaming, infecting bring disease to the soul and destroying the heart of integrity, love and acceptance.  Taking us back to feudalism, anti sematism as old as the Pharoahs of Egypt, ownership of slaves, dictators of other’s sensibilities and freedoms.

Don’t think your hate speech matters?  OH YES IT Matters.  It opens spiritual doors to destroy others.  You have boarded the wrong train my friend, no matter how frantically you think you are helping out, you have got on the wrong vehicle to achieve your destination, your goal.

Just because you can fix up a bull fight and insight crowds to riot does not mean that it is good.  It’s end will be violence, and people will get hurt, mark my words.  You will end up wondering where it all went wrong!

In Deitrich’s treatise on Ethics he says: it is only the cynic who claims “to speak the truth” at all times and in all place to all men in the same way, but who, in fact, displays nothing but a lifeless image of the truth.  He dons the halo of the fanatical devotee of truth who can make no allowance for human weaknesses, but, in fact, he is destroying the living truth between me.  He winds shame, desecrates mystery, breaks confidence, betrays the community in which he lives, laughs arrogantly at the devastation he has wrought and at the human weakness which “cannot bear the truth.” Dietrich Hethen tells the story of teacher who who asks a girl in front of the class is your Father a drunk?  She says no.  “Of course.”  Bonhoeffer said one could call the child’s answer a lie, as this lie contains more truth as it corresponds more closely to the truth of Christ that love protects, versus shaming and revealing the father’s weakness in front of everyone was thus dishonoring him. There is no ‘truth in that’ he says.  (From his life story and treatise on ethics paper). Thus at times the concept of truth telling dissolves, and both falsehood and truth draw indistinguishable close to each other.

I ask you which do you think was better truth in answer to teachers question in front  of the class?

Speech without love whether it is ‘truth or Biblical is nothing but a clanging gong.  A loud hollow sound.  I Corinthians chapter 13 verse 13 says:- “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love I have become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”

You can still get your view point across with love and truth, by respecting others.  Regarding politics, these change from year to year, and nation to nation, and are not eternal.  I entreat you change what you can by speaking well with love and leave what you cannot change unsaid instead pray.  There is a season for all things.  Presidents come and go, so do political parties.  Even earthly kingdoms and powerful  domains come and go over the centuries.  Egypt, Genesis Kahn, Rome, British, Russia,   Etc.  Don’t destroy each other for temporary things and don’t use the Bible to beat up, shame, criticise and inspire prejudices.  That is not what the living Word Jesus Christ is all about and the book was not written for that end or to that purpose.  Yes, you can still use your Word of God as ‘A Sword’  but in the prayer closet and not with prejudice, hate, tearing down of others, shaming others, that is not of God.

Relationships are like living art, moving, growing in depth and perception, light and dark, smooth and rough, or like a orchestral piece or choir.  Many voices /instruments are needed each being heard and held together by the Creator.  Without each other the sound would not be a rich or the picture contain such truth, beauty, depth and scope.  We must learn how to understand when and where to come in and to fade out.  When to wait for the right moment, a discordant note can spoil a great performance.

Martin Luther King addressed heinous situations perpetuated against black people, but he did it with grace, eloquence, mercy, style yet all the while making a black and white statement about what needed to change.  Yes, he was shot for it, but it had to be done.  By being rude, predjucied which he could have been when people treated black people like they did, he did not consider a valid response.   instead he responded in a Christ like way.  He spoke in the opposite way  Not in the same vain prejudiced way.   From this he rose in pre-eminence and power for all the world to hear.

So I challenge you, take a good look at your speech, your values, goals and motives.

You see by loving others as yourself which is what Jesus proposed, we open the world up not to mention ourselves to an environment where people prosper and I don’t just mean in moniotial terms, but in all ways, in relationships, that leads to thriving lives, creativity, education, good business actions, good towns and city interactions.  Good policies to build society on.  All of these are Judeo/christian principles.

What is so marvelous is we can help transform death into life, sorrow into joy, hate into love thorough our words with sincere love of God and loving our Neighbours as ourselves.

Thank you.

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I am greatly concerned. Ezekiel the prophetic book for 2019.

Amos was the prophetic book with what it contained for 2018.

I believe Ezekiel is the prophetic book for 2019

I am greatly concerned about the state of our countries.  Europe and the USA.

I have not got to the end of it but here is what I am reading that is relevant to us so far:

God is giving a list of the sins of the country.

1 False prophets who lead people astray and take money to get wealth from the people.

2 Anti-Christ spirit not just in the world but entering the church too rendering it powerless.

3 Laziness, not willing to wait on God digging your wells or relationship with God.

4 Idolotry

5 Murder and even paid assasinations

6 Fathers and Mother’s contemptuously ignored.

7 Immigrants and visitors forced to pay for protection or extortion

8 Orphans and Widdows wronged and oppressed.

9 Sabbaths ignored

10 Prisoners falsely accused

11 Adultery and lewdness

12 Loan racketeering

13 People have forgotten God.

13 Even poor people rob and oppress poor people.

Why does all this concern me?  Because this is where we are now in our cities and kingdoms of the earth.  There will be consequences. America has the spirit of Babylon, that means it does all the awful things that old Babylon did and was evil in the eyes of the Lord. Old Babylon was destroyed.  The writing is on the wall for all to see.

Why does this concern me?  Because there are consequences to how we live and the choices we make.  God is merciful and has been for centuries.  But, there will come recompense.  A time when enough is enough.

Here are some of things we are already seeing:

Fires.  Yes I know People start them, or lightening or careless cigarettes or camp fires.  But, have you considered there may be a deeper cause going on?  Fire in the Bible is a sign of cleansing.  Consider the filth Holywood puts out.  Sex, lewdness, murder, violence, lawlessness, sadly our consciences are so seared we have come to think this is exciting, titivating our senses. Statistics show that Holywood is responsible for 65% of all porn in the world!  Science now shows that porn is addictive on the brain just like drugs and does damage to the brain and relationships.  Particularly great concern for the teenagers who watch this as violent sex and aggression is now considered normal.   Porn is also a filthy spirit, an anti women spirit, trapping men, luring and destroying womens’ self image.  Even bikini barristers, which often do more than serve coffee in a bikini, it is a pimp show and then some for more money.

Witchcraft is growing in our land and becoming openly committed.  Plus idol worship. There are three Temple doorways built, entrances to the Temple of Baal.  One in London, UK, one in New York and now one in Washington, two capitals of major world players.

The Statue of Liberty is a copy of the Goddess Ishtar even down to the 5 rays of light on her head and a light in her right hand.  Starbucks logo is a Siren, a Siren lures people used to be sailors to their doom, now they lure people to coffee.  We pay a ridiculous price for a cup of coffee. You can see the seduction by the way the logo siren holds up her tail like two legs apart, – seduction.  If you look it’s amazing what you see right out in the open, but we are ignorant of satan’s devices so don’t even know what is right in front of our faces.  Now I’m not saying Starbucks is evil because it is not and I like a good Starbucks, I am simply showing the use of a symbol that people don’t even recognize as a Lure.  Lure it is if you think how much you pay for a cup of coffee, normally we would not pay that much.

People think Free Masonry and their spin off clubs like Shriners, Eastern Star,  Eagles Nest and so on is ok because they do good works.  The Bible says all your righteousness is as filthy rags.  We are saved by Christ not good works.   It has Satan worship at it’s route.  Most of the people have no idea what they have signed up to and are deceived themselves.  Most people never go beyond level 3 and so don’t find out.  But when you cross the line there is no middle ground.  You have signed up to a club that worships Satan at it’s route including Egyptian gods.  Most of founders of USA were Freemasons and lots of society still is in the professional jobs.

We have allowed LGBT agenda into our education system twisting the minds of the young.  They have even allowed a drag queen to tell story time and write for the curriculum drag stories to Elementary Schools.  Twisting the minds while still young.  Why is LGBT wrong?  Because it is not life giving.  It destroys lives and medically speaking for men shortens lives by approximately 30 years.  God only wants the best for us,  not things that weaken or destroy us. Or things that are born out of pain of bad relationships.  God wants the best and has set up the world for us with the best in mind.  It is contained in the Bible.

Have you considered God often uses nature to do His will? The Bible says that evil does affect the land.  I have read many instances when the sins of the people is so great that the earth spews them out.  Earth quake or some mega disaster. How can this be?  This is what I have come to understand.  The Bible tells us the world is held together by The Word of God.  We know The Word is holy and we know The Word is Jesus Christ himself the creator of the world.  So it makes sense that when evil is done, it goes against The Word holding everything together.  Our sin is dark and foul, everything that beautiful holy Living Word is not. No wonder the earth eventually spews it out.  This is earthquakes, fires, floods, famine.   Yes, there is a scientific explanation which I also believe.  I also believe the two are not mutually exclusive but work together with no problem.

Then all the hurricanes, or tornadoes, often come as a result of child sacrifice in the Bible.  We are seeing all of these.  WE must repent of our sins and ask God to forgive us and cleanse us and cleanse our land, or worse could come, maybe next year 2019.

There are warnings:  November 11. – 11/112018 there were seismic rumblings all around the world literally at 6.2 miles beneath the surface.  Some earthquakes like Alaska resulted, but mostly of it went unnoticed.  However, there is a marked increased in earthquakes this year of 2018, floods, famines, strange sounds, all of which are mentioned in Matthew’s gospel 24.

Jesus warns of false Christ’s arising.  In 2018 National Geographic published a magazine with color photos of seven people claiming to be the Christ now in 2018 around the world with followers!  Even a secular reputable magazine is backing the Bible.

So I am deeply concerned of what is to come.  Our sins are many and very grievous to The Lord of creation and to the well being of our society and our beautiful world.  Let us change that.  Ask for forgiveness from God, stand up for what is right.  Share the word of your testimony, get over yourself for the love of your Neighbour, our world,  love God and love your Neighbour as yourself.  Become acitivists in your Neighbour hood and cities for the greater good and for the Kingdom of God.  Truth, life, and liberty.  Not a whitewashed version,  but real truth, liberty and life.

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Prophetic Word. November 25th 2018


I heard what you are saying. You said you were waiting for a new thing, something different. Waiting for the next new speaker to inspire you, when they don’t you are disappointed.
You run here and there seeking a word from a man for yourselves and come away unfulfilled.
You move from church to church crying I am not fed, I am not fed. Yet you are fat with the Word and have grown indolent and careless with it. No man can give you the fulfillment of what you seek, only I can. You seek Hollywood style entertainment from meetings and conferences to give you a buzz, yet once home you soon forget what was said at the meeting you went to.
You go hither and thither instead of coming to the source of the living Word, always relevant and never runs dry. You want a Word, I will give you a Word – I am the living Word and my Word does not change, fade out, or become irrelevant ever!
What are you doing with that?
You want a Word, I will give you a Word, REPENT of your lazy self indulgent life styles.
You want a Word, I will give a Word, Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, ALL your mind and All your strength and Love your Neighbour as yourself.
Even now I hear you responding I know that! Yet you have NOT done that. What more do you expect if you do not use what you already have?

I say – Love God, Love your Neighbour as yourself.
Stop running after this man or that, the Kingdom of God is not show – it is a lifestyle to be lived everyday of your life. You are the new creation born of my holy spirit, you are the new thing as you put it. Will you fulfill my will or yours?

The meat you long for, the meat Jesus spoke of for the mature believer is to DO THE WILL OF GOD. It is not to seek more from this ministry, that church, that speaker or that show; rather learn to dig your own well, come to the source of the Living Word. Come to me not a person no matter how famous they are. Come to me.
I have given you gifts yet you do not use them. Stop looking inwardly and start looking outwardly. Get up and go love your Neighbours, pray for the sick, cast out demons, continue the work that Jesus Christ begun and commissioned you to do, be hospitable.

Yes, I have given you the new thing, you also have the old thing, I have given you everything for I am the God of the beginning and the middle and the end. Every new day brings the opportunity for the new thing you seek, you are the new thing. Pray and obey. I do not change neither does my Word. Come to the source of all things and you shall hear from me the new thing, but do not be surprised if it is the same as the old thing as you call it. Your meat, your sustenance, your food, your new thing is simply do the will God for your life. Pray and obey. Go and love, persevere and you shall reap a harvest.

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Once upon a time there was a young man named Sun Tak and a young woman named Nonni.  They fell in love and eventually married.  Each had their own dreams of what the future might hold for them.  Together they longed for and talked about having a child whom they could eventually hold close to their hearts sowing the future of their family into.  The man of course longed for a boy with whom he would play sports and teach his life skills to, who in the course of time would eventually take over the family business.

The woman similarly longed for a girl she could dress in pretty dresses, brush her hair and style it.  She dreamed of cooking with her future daughter and imagined that during the daily chores there would be chatter and laughter held together with the bond of love.

One day the happy event took place and the woman conceived the longed-for child.  As the months progressed the woman sang soft love songs to her unborn child, and the man would come and caress the stomach and speak to his unborn child.  They both knew that the child in the womb could hear sounds even if muffled and feel if it was loved and wanted or unwanted.  Both Sun Tak and Nonni  were very happy during this gestation period as they built their home and their dreams for the future.  The birth went according to plan, no complications there and at the end Sun Tak and Nonni held a beautiful girl in their arms.    Great was their joy and their families rejoiced with them.

One year later another child was born and this time it was a boy.  Can you imagine the joy felt by Sun Tak as he held his son in his arms and the joy Nonni felt and she tenderly breast fed her son, HER SON! How good that sounded to her ears and her heart!  Now they were complete, a boy and girl and if God blessed them there would be more to come in the future.

However, life does not always turn out as we hoped or expected it would.  Many twists and turns arise to keep us on our toes and challenge us.  Now a huge problem presented itself to this perfect little family.  The government turned to civil war to overthrow the public unrest regarding certain laws of the land that were being made.  Rumors of shootings and torture abounded, some people simply disappeared.  It was unimaginable what was going on in their country.  No one seemed to know what to do for the best.

The day came when soldiers came to Sun Tak and Nonni’s village and simply set fire to their homes with all their hard earned and treasured possessions inside. The soldiers fired shots to intimidate the villagers to do what they wanted.  They made men dig a huge pit in the village square center, when it was finished they forced them at machine gun point to kneel down with their faces towards the hole they had just dug.  This enabled the soldiers to be able to walk along the line and shoot them mechanically without feeling in the back of head.

Next they lined up the women and shot them the same way pushing their bodies into the pit on top of the men  whose bodies were still warm having been just shot. It was all so cold and  unceremonious, such an ignominious end to a life well spent, an unmarked mass grave.  Some of the children watched in horror with silent tears streaming down their faces afraid to make any sound.  Others had run off to the forest to hide.  No one knew what to expect next.  The children who stood silently watching the shootings were gathered up by the soldiers and taken away as slaves never to be heard of again. It did not bear thinking about what might happen to them. The ones in the forest survived for a while eating leaves and roots, eventually hunger drove them them to steal food to survive.

Inside their soul’s fear lurked, never very far away.  Fear always cripples the person inside no matter how young they are, or how little or how much they have personally seen or tasted of evil.  Fear belittles, subdues and hides, it is a silent killer of relationships and a healthy life.  Fear shrinks lives and destroys them.  It had certainly worked it’s evil spell on these young lives.

One day a man whose heart was big with the love of God named Mr. Chan Song came to the village and started building a house for the orphaned children to live in.  He did not have much to use except his big heart and his love for the children that God had given him.  God had given Mr. Chan Song the job of taking over the care and upbringing of these children from  families like Sun Tak and Nonni who were now gone.  With God’s help Mr. Chang Song would try and fulfill the dreams the villagers had for their children.  Of course, it would never be quite the same, but it saved the children from ruin and death giving them hope for a future.

Slowly word got out about what the man was doing, People started giving him bits of wood and bags of cement, nails, bedding, food and help with the building.

As word spread the children came to look at the building, timid at first, but as Mr. Chang Song saw them he made a special effort to talk with them and assure them of his good intentions towards them.  Slowly the children moved into the home made specially for them until there were nine of them both boys and girls.  Mr. Chan Song fed and clothed them providing the comforts of a home environment for them.  He also started educating them for he was a big believer in God, the greatest source of knowledge ever and in getting wisdom as King Solomon used to advocate.  He realized two things in life were very foundational for the well being of the soul.  Firstly, a new heart, born again by the love of God, an antidote to fear and secondly,  an education which would help you make wise decisions that would affect your life and that of others.  It would also pave the way for a job in the future with which to support not only yourself but the families they would in turn have one day.

Things were going along well, sparse, but good as long as one was creative to make ends meet, but generally speaking things looked bright.  Then one morning the storms came as they usually did at this time of the year for it was the Monsoon season, but somehow, they seemed heavier than ever this year.  Early one morning after the heavy night rains  people started running and shouting and mayhem seemed to explode everywhere.  A river of water with rocks, trees and garbage in it was making its way fast down the drive to the house.  There was not enough time to save anything, only their lives as they climbed onto the roof top of the house built for them.  Yet again the children were traumatized from events beyond their control, even as Mr. Chang Song was doing all in his power to help keep things calm.  He and the children prayed and prayed for help.  Indeed, their very lives were saved, but now how in the world were they going to rebuild what was lost in moment of time.  All their hard work gone!

Well, dear readers that’s where you come in.  Remember your hopes and dreams of a family and try to imagine what it would be like to have that all ripped away from you.  What would you want to happen to your children?  I know you would want someone with a godly kind heart to take care of them.  To give them hope and a future.


Here’s the real rub.

Although the names are fictional and so is the story; something very similar and very real happened in Burma, now Mayan Mar not so long ago with a real life hero and lover of God who has built an orphanage for the many parentless children there.  Recently there were real floods that have caused much damage to the orphanage.  They are desperately in need of your help and financial support.  Apostle and Commander of Kingdom League International has put out a plea for help, they personally know the hero whose real name Mr. Kawl and the validity of his ministry.

I am asking you to join with Commander Tim and Brenda Taylor and Kingdom League International to help support the real hero of the story Mr. Kawl  to rebuild the flooded-out home and start over again for the sake of the children.

There are also many more children waiting in the pipeline for a place like this to take them in.  Would you please pray and seek God for an amount to give or make regular commitment to?  Thank you for taking the time to read this story.  Remember to be thankful for all you do have, but don’t forget those children.  God bless you.

I will let Apostle and Commander Taylor put his own bit in below.


Pamela J Smith


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An unexpected visitor

I was living in a strange area not one I thought I would end up in.  I had bought my own house and thought I was investing sensibly into it.  It turned out i had gone way past it’s real value in the market place and the only value of my house was in my mind.

Angry at the way things had turned out and alone, not mention afraid of what I had done and what might yet be to come I knew not how to fix the mess I had made of my home.

Then one day a knock came to my door, soft at first but insistent and gradually getting louder with each knock.  Apprehensively I opened the door just a bit to see who was there.  There stood a man not particularly handsome but an open honest face who joyfully told me that he had been told of my situation and if I would let him come in he would tell me how to fix things.  Not normally given to inviting strangers into my house, I was reticent, but something about the warmth and conviviality of this man whose name he told me was Joshua made me want to take the risk.  After all what had I to lose if things went south, I’d just ask him to leave.

Outloud I said “you can come in.”  “Would you like a cup of tea?”  Putting on my best hospitality face and manner.  As I was putting water in the kettle, setting it boil, finding the tea bags, teapot, cups and saucers, I noticed Joshua seemed to be looking around at what was in the house.  Embarrassed I started to fuss and make excuses.  “I’m sorry it’s such a mess I wasn’t expecting company”.

“Don’t feel uncomfortable” Joshua said, I  just take folks as I find them.  I don’t expect them to be something their not”.  “Well, that’s good” I replied feeling slightly relieved.  Handing him his cup of tea placed on a saucer, “milk”?  I asked.  Sitting myself down opposite him I asked him, “now what is it you have come to tell me”.

He started by telling a bit about himself and he was so interested in me too.  We chatted up a storm, I was so comfortable in his presence I started to forget how lonely I’d been.  As he stood up to leave, I remembered and pressed him to stay the night eager for more friendship and the laughter I’d found welling up every now and then as he regaled his stories to me, something I had not done in long time.  He willingly took up my offer and stayed.  Gradually one day turned into two and then a week, a month and then months.  I began to realize that Joshua had brought something positive into my home and gave me something to look forward to by just being there.

Over a period of time I began to notice small things that needed changing, for example I needed to vacuum the dust out of the house, straighten up the bookshelf, clean the windows.  I even thought I should take care of myself a little more.  I had neglected my appearance for quite a while now.  I had allowed My house and myself to become quite shabby.  My garden that the world saw was quite overgrown, although it had been lovely when I bought the house.  Weeds and drought from not watering had taken it’s toll.

Winter had come and gone it seemed and spring was in the air.  Yes, it was time to spring clean my house.  Joshua said he would help me.  At first it was fun as we swept and polished and tidied.  But then Joshua decided to take stock of the furniture and said that several of my favorite pieces really ought to go and another style would be better.  Suddenly I thought “what am I doing letting this man change my lifestyle, after all can I really trust him?”  “What right does he have to tell me that he doesn’t like my couch, or dining table?”  That I need to replace them?  Yet, deep down I knew he was quite right about the need to ‘upgrade’ as it were. I guess I just resented someone I took into my own house, now asserting himself and telling ME what needed to be done and what would help things be better!

“Gosh,”  I thought you just don’t really know a person until you spend time with them and expecially live with them!  Eventually after sulking quite a bit and letting my feelings be know by huffing around I agreed.  I replaced the couch and dining table and ones I had now were much better and more serviceable.  Not only that I didn’t mind other people seeing them, because I was not ashamed anymore of how my house was inside, or for that matter outside after our massive clean up session.

One day after all this change Joshua announces he has to visit another place and that I would be alright now.  What did he mean, I would be alright now, all this change came about because he came and knocked on my door and I had reticently opened it and let him in. We’d had such a great time at first time had slipped by and I guess I kind of took him for granted.  Then came the deeper level of friendship where we’d had words about how I needed to change some things and eventually I had agreed and followed through with it, spending my own money too on his agenda for me.  Now he wanted to leave!

He said, I would be able to find him any time I wanted to, I only had to look him up and talk to him and he’d still be with me.  Then he left with a pleasant goodbye, affirming “I’m always around watching you know, just call.”  I had a few days pouting and thinking to myself “well who needs Joshua anyway?”  Inside I really knew I did, in fact I come to rely on him and dare I say it, even love his presence, now he was gone, how was I to cope.

A few days later gingerly, I spoke out loud, “ are you there Joshua?  Can you hear me?.  “I’m here”  came the quietly spoken reply, almost a breath on the air.  Did I imagine it?  But, no along with the statement came the peaceful assurance that indeed somehow his presence was still in my house.  In fact it clung to every part of the house, the drapes, the couch, the dining table where we had shared so many lovely meals.  The shining windows, the dustless shelves and books.  The tidy garden now blooming giving fragrance and pleasure, all of spoke of Joshua’s input in my house, indeed in my life. Could it be possible what he said was true?  That I could find him anytime I wanted simply by speaking to him, and he would hear me?

Over time I found it was true and that truly Joshua’s presence somehow never left my house.  He continued to inspire and help me when I needed it and encourage me when i needed that.  I was no longer lonely as I once been.  I even let other people into my house now I was no longer ashamed of it.  That’s how I learned over the years that many people had been visited in their houses and been changed in one way or another.  I guess Joshua was secretly a master makeover of houses and there was no charge.  All you had to do was let him into your house.

Those who have ears to hear let them hear.  Those who have eyes to see let them see the true meaning here.


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STORM WALKERS – are you one?

Much is made of the courage of chasing storms or being a storm chaser but what about the possibility of being a STORM WALKER not a storm chaser?

Once upon a time there was a lake that was known for it’s sudden and vicious storms.  Even the experienced fisherman were occasionally frightened by the intensity of these unexpected storms.  Their little boats with sails furled tight were hurled not only up and down but rocked side to side and at times it seemed as if they would capsize.  They cried out in fear to God to help them as many of us do today when we are the midst of a storm in our life.

The Storm Walker heard their terrified cries for help and calmly strode over the crests of the waves, as if they did not exist reaching the boat and telling the sailors;

“ Peace be with you”.  At first they screamed louder thinking there was an apparition on top of the storm.  After reassurance from the Storm Walker whom they knew well and that it was really him, not a ghost,  they let him into their boat.

Immediately they found themselves on the opposite shore!  Neither time nor distance mattered, nor was the storm relevant in hindering the Storm Walker in any way.  His only concern was to help his disciples in their trouble and putting their feet on solid ground, the rock.

The Storm Walker is Christ Jesus Lord of Creation and the Universes, so of course he is not afraid of the storms in life.  The Creator does not fear that which is created!  He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you no matter what.  He will get you to the other side just focus on him and not the storm.  Follow his lead and be not afraid; just walk above the storms of your life acknowledging you have the Holy Spirit of the Storm Walker  in your heart through faith in Christ Jesus.  You need not be afraid and look to him for your peace.

So like Christ Jesus whom we emulate and have his spirit living in ours we too can be STORM WALKERS.

God bless you


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The Pain and the Beauty

“I wish I had some patience” I thought as I stood in the check out.  No matter which line I choose something always happens to make it the longest.  Another example is when you get into the driving seat of the car; suddenly people don’t get going fast enough from the red light, or behave in a matter that seemingly irritates you when normally it doesn’t. You swear behind the wheel when you normally don’t swear at all!

The crying child, or the ‘why’ question.  That work colleague you can’t stand yet you have to be nice to in order to keep your job.  I’m sure can think of plenty of examples where you need patience too.

These are trivial examples but what about the pain of divorce, bereavement, abandonment, separation,  Loss of hopes and dreams, finances, stability and so on. What about the loss of health or youth?  All these things cause emotional turmoil and inner pain.  We wast our breath asking the useless question: “if only I had done this, or if only I had not done that.”  Or Why? Why did that happen to me, I never thought it would, or did not deserve this and on and on it goes.

How do you get over these obstacles in life?  Because you do need to get over them, to move forward.  You do deserve a quality life whatever that may be.

Here is where to start, turn to Jesus Christ and put your trust in him even though you don’t understand what is going on.  He is author and finisher of your faith.  He brings life and beauty out of every awful painful situation if you let Him work in you.  He is the best heart surgeon and not only will put your life back together again, but with His guidance as you obey His word you life will become better than before when you trusted only yourself.

There is a process taking place through the pain.  The old adage no pain, no gain is true.  God does not cause suffering rather God uses suffering as a tool to chip away the unpleasant aspects of your nature to begin to etch in your life beauty, true inner beauty that does not fade or perish as the outward beauty does.  His tools are the tribulation, the suffering you experience whether through your own fault or not.  He uses the tribulation so that as you will turn to Him and learn to trust Him.  This produces deeper faith, and you find out what you truly believe.  In turn this produces patience and as you persevere with patience your character becomes more refined and more like Christ,  resulting in hope.  Hope does not disappoint you because the love of God has been poured out in your heart by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.  (Romans 5: 3-5).  These inner qualities do not end but go on to produce good fruit in your life.

An easy life never loses the strong grip of self-will that has taken hold of our hearts since the fall of Adam.  John Ortberg said ”God isn’t at work producing the cirmstances I want, God is at work in bad circumstances to produce in us what He wants”.  WOW, you mean it’s not all about me, but about Him?

He cares enough to give you a make over and make you beautiful like Him?  Thank you Lord.  It is a puzzle how God make things turn out good from the bad things in our life, but I am thankful.  Maybe you ruined your life with poor decisions, but now you have had the love and the grace of God to make something beautiful and lasting out of your life.  Thank you Lord.

I read this recently: Pierre-Augusta Renoir the great French impressionist artist had bad arthritis, so much so his hands became twisted and deformed.  The simple act of holding a brush became excruciating.  In time he was confined to his wheelchair, but did not give up his painting, absolutely not!!!  One day his friend Henri Matisse visited him and watch the great painter as he painfully grasped a brush using only his fingertips. Every movement was agony, yet he doggedly kept as his painting.

Matisse exclaimed, “How can you paint at the expense of such torture?”  Renoir replied:  “THE PAIN PASSES, BUT THE BEAUTY REMAINS.”

So the soul becomes beautiful that endures the agony of suffering when trusting in the power of Christ to reform you.

(1 Peter 5: 10).”May the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.”

So shall your light shine as you reflect the glory of the God in your innerbeing.  Having become lastingly beautiful.

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Bring back Courting

We all know how high the divorce rate is and that today there are more singles or people living together and not marrying than ever before.

People are afraid of commitment, and don’t see the point of marrying if it’s just going to end up in divorce. It is mainly in the west that divorces Happen so much.  So lets take a look at what maybe going on to cause this.

Througout history people could not travel far from their home area and when a man decided it was time to take a wife he would visit her at her home, getting to know her family over a period of time.  There were no automobiles to come and take the woman off to somewhere else unsupervised.  Spending time with the other person’s family is a very good idea. You can see how they live their lives, what their hopes and realities are.  You gain understanding of their world view points, and behavior patterns.  Morals, faith or lack of.  Patterns of behavior and speech all of which your future wife/husband will display down the road since that is what they have learned from being small.  It is a useful window in time to look into your prospective future with this person in marriage to find out if you are compatible or not.

When the automobile arrived increasingly one went away from family to do things that may or may not have been suitable.  Without supervision, or accountability often lust of the flesh takes place, especially with alcohol and drugs  Inhibitions are laid in the dust.  Resulting in sex taking place far too soon in a relationship.  Sex forces the new relationship to a deeper level (because the two become one in the spirit realm,) than would have happened in a normal relationship of being friends and getting to know each other first.

Starting up a courtship is a very helpful place to start. You find out about the person and what they think, their hopes, dreams, expectations before you ever take the step of sex and marriage.  You then know if this is a suitable person for you to spend the rest of your life with.

Meeting someone in a bar or similar type of environment where people are consuming alcohol lowers the tone of normal conversation and inhibitions subside.  This is not the best way  to tell if someone is going to be suitable for such a huge decision.

You are meant to be a virgin when you marry and your Hymen is broken by your husband you have entered into a holy union; a blood covenant.  The Hymen bleeds called a ‘show’ this is a serious spiritual commitment.  It is a blood covenant between the man and the woman which God takes very seriously.  Blood is serious currency spiritually whether you like to believe it or not.  It is ordained of God.

God did a similar thing with the shedding of the blood of his son Jesus Christ so we could become his bride.  It is a covenant which is sacred and holy to God.

When you indulge in alcohol lust is more likely to arise making sex more likely to happen faster than if one was courting and marriage takes place.  Outside of marriage  Sex forces people’s hearts to become entwined in a premature way that cannot carry the weight of the long term relationship.  Sex builds a bridge from one person’s heart to another and that is why God ordained it to be in marriage to protect the individuals spirit, emotions and heart and to create a safe stable environment for future children.

When people marry prematurely without really knowing each other and without knowing what they have in common besides sex it is no wonder people get divorced.  They have built an unsustainable bridge that will collapse because they have not followed the architects master plan for marriage and the family.

The ‘love’ they thought is probably just infatuation or lust and often is not able to sustain the long-term goal of marriage.  Once the urgency of sex has worn off what do you have to keep you together?  How can you sustain a long term relationship in marriage when the foundation is not established?  You cannot, it will collapse sooner or later.  It takes commitment, giving, forgiving, faith hope and trust to build a good marriage and the help of God.

It is better to find out how this is meant to work from the creator who made male and female and instituted marriage, than from a school mate or pub mate who base their experiences on something that is not as good as they are bragging about. So here are some suggestions from the Bible, the best instructions before leaving earth.

Have people you are accountable to and talk things over with in your life, like what do you know about such a person because I would like to date them with a view to marriage or court them.  Ask people you know will tell you the truth not just what you want to hear. Then be humble and take their advice.

Ask God for the right person tell Him what you want and ask Him to give you the right person in the right time.  Timing is a big issue.  Are you mature enough to handle a deep relationship?  Are you healed in your heart before you leap into the next relationship?  If not you will take all that baggage with you.  so wait on God’s timing and ask His help; it will work out better for you in the long run.

Get to know the person’s family, church, group and just hang out with them watching and learning.  Ask yourself if their goals, behavior are compatible with what you want.  For example if your a strong Christian and they are not, don’t think that it will end up alright because most people once the newness of marriage has worn off will revert to old patterns and beliefs.  You will find yourself in strife over many decisions, not least how to bring up future children, what is ok and what is not.  Money issues will  cause strife if you are not on the same page for example what to give to and what not. You need to be able to be on the same page to be able to build a good marriage.

Looks are not everything, yes they help, but even beauty fades but a beautiful heart lasts forever.  What’s on the inside and constitutes character is far more important than looks.  Love grows when it is properly nurtured and looks are in the eye of the beholder anyway.

So I am calling for re-instituting courtship instead of instant gratification with opposite sex to ward off heart ache and failed relationships.  Anything good is worth waiting for.  Let’s get back to basics here and have some healthy long lasting brilliant relationships and marriages to be an example for the next generations.

Thank you.



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You were Here When…

You were here with me before I was born, when my spirit lived with you in heaven.

You chose family for me and decided it was good. You were here when I took my first breath, you looked at me through the beautiful brown eyes of my mother with love.

You were here to keep me living when I nearly died of cerebral malaria, went through two revolutionary wars,  held at machine gun point for four hours in Kinshasa Congo.

You were here in with my father as he patiently spoke in French to teach and train doctors, nurses, and carpenters to make Calipers for those who had polio. You guided my father building hospitals for the poor and needy. You were here in my Father’s voice speaking French to the soldiers who thrust their guns through windows of our car to decide if we should live or die.

You were present in my mother and father as they sang hymns and songs on long dusty hot journeys in the old dark blue Swedish Saab and on many dark nights when the local tom tom drums beat out their coded messages in the jungle and in the caravan suride when fear was in the air.

You were here in the dark hours of the night when nightmares struck, and during the loudest thunder and lightening storms.  You were here through every terror of the night and the prospect of what each day would bring, YOU – were here.

Now I no longer need to be afraid because I know you are with me always even until the end of time.

You were here when I foolishly sledged down the steep farmers hill in the little yellow baby bath to start labor. You were here when I delivered my son on the bedroom floor with no around except you.  Your face appeared looking down on me and you told me it was alright – you were here.

You were here in inspite of all the rejection, abandonment and abuse, you said you would never leave me or forsake me and you never have!

You were with me in the work place shining through me.  You were present in the single parent group I ran performing miracles of healing both physically and emotionally.  You found a husband for each woman we fasted and prayed for.

You were with me your wonders to perform healing and restoration in my own life.  You placed people even from around the world, angels, information, just to help me out and encourage me.  To make sure I would make it through.

You are here revealing yourself to me in every tree and blood red leaf and bright color of autumn majesty. You are here revealing yourself through nature every day even In the bright yellow dandelion that speaks of such brilliant design.  Your hand and presence are in the progression of the seasons.  Even winter takes on a soft beauty, gently sleeping knowing that there is life to come again after death.  You are here in spring when the earth comes alive again just like we will after we die – just for a season.  You are here in the fullness and bounty of summer to refresh and revive growing to maturity producing lucious fruit to harvest.  Yes, you are here in it all.

You lead us beside still water reviving our souls, making provision as the good shepherd leading his sheep to safe lucious pastures, protecting them from the howling winds and wild beasts that would seek to devour.  You are here protecting, nurturing, guarding, guiding every step of the way.

You are here even on the farthest side of the ocean from where I belong. I still found you here your presence just the same guiding me, providing for me in your opulent abundant way, not because you have to but because you want to, that’s who you are. You are the source of everpresent life, not for one moment have you abandoned me even though at times it may have seemed like it.  With hind sight I realized you were enabling me to come up higher, to desire more, to become more.  Oh – how well you know every cell of my frame.  I cannot hide from you anywhere!  Even in the dark you are there. You know my thoughts full well and every word even before I utter it!  Your knowledge is too wonderful for me to fully comprehend, but I know I love you full well.  In you I live, breathe and have my being.  You are my all in all.  The lover and sustenance of my soul.

Even now when I find myself growing old and autumn is in my years, I find you here.  YES, YOU ARE HERE – YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME OR FORSAKE ME – MY FRIEND – MY GOD AND MY KING.  I humbly bow before you now in adoration to the king of my heart and lover of my soul.  I look forward;  I am ready! My lamp is is lit and prepared with oil to meet the one who was always here.