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On quiet days, use your faith and imagination to seek God’s face.  Get somewhere peaceful and open your heart to worship God in a thankful way.  Ask God to speak to you, watch and wait.  You may get an impression, or a picture in your mind. Or hear words that are not your own.  God will use ways to reach you that you can relate to.  It may be a song or verse.  Expect and wait quietly.  Have a journal or a piece of paper with you ready to record or draw what you see.  Ask him what he wants you pray for.

On lonely days, talk to God, have a great conversation.  Your heart is his garden.  He has a divine assignation with you within the walls of your heart.  Called the Walled Garden, known  for it safety peace and rest.  Let the lover of your soul come and refresh you for the Kingdom of heaven is within you.

On busy days, do each task as unto the Lord because he is within you, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Do it all with excellence.  So in every aspect of your life let his presence shine through you.  Be salt and light in your busy day.

At the beginning of your day, commit everything you are about to do to the Lord.  Ask for divine appointments.

At the end of your day, Thank him for his loving kindness and great faithfulness to you.

Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

Just because I don’t fit the mould does not mean I’m gay, lesbian or …

For many years until my late twenties I always thought of myself the same as a male with just different body bits.

In my young years I had brothers who I could fight with and win.
I loved to play rough, climb trees, ride bikes, do athletics, play football, rounders, tennis, pretty much any hand eye co-ordinated games I was naturally good at.

I could run fast, always in the top 3 on any sport, a fearless climber, of roofs, ropes, beams, trees etc. I wanted to fly and to be a spy when I grew up, as well as an opera singer and ballerina. I was too tall to do ballet and no one I knew sang opera!

I never liked to wear dresses. The only time I asked for a dress to wear was my 8th birthday and my mother refused because she said “I would never wear it”. She was right. Most of my life I’ve lived in Jeans, pants and leggings.

I was proud of my physical prowess and the fact that In our schools young farmers patch I could catch pigs, sheep, combat Roosters and hens to procure their eggs, even though the means I used were not good as no-one ever showed me what to do. I would attack the Rooster with a broom when he sidled at me scraping and walking sideways into his wings making that intimidating scratching sound and coming at me on the attack. The hens I would hit on the head with the long handled metal spoon for collecting the eggs with, so whilst they were seeing stars like in the cartoons I would quickly take the eggs from underneath them and place them into the wicker basket.

I managed not to faint when our Biology teacher brought one of the chickens to the lesson and held the squawking flapping frantic chicken under her arm with it’s head over a glass beaker, sticking a knife down it’s live throat to collect the blood that ran out for an experiment.

I had a broken wrist for 6 weeks, a very bad case of worms, two badly sprained ankles from falling down 3 flights of stairs and still played sports.

Neither did I faint or cry when held at machine gun point age 12 at Kinshasa Airport upon arrival from the UK to spend the summer with my family. In my mind I ran many scenarios of how I could out run the gunman zigging and zagging, or kick him you know where. If only I had a knife I could have jumped on his back and cut his throat, or poked his eyes out. I knew any second of the four hours I was held that I could have died by the mere squeeze of his finger. Gun point was often in my life back then during the 1960’s Mercenary fighting for the liberation of one government after another in Congo. Road blocks were common place. The soldiers stopped you and put their guns through the car window before asking questions.

Into my teen years I loved riding around without a helmet on motorbikes, dancing wildly, sailing in our family dingy with my very keen brother. I mean he was out to win the races and so was I until I was fired by him on the job. We sailed an 14′ sail dingy called an Otter. Known to have more sail than needed for that size of boat, so it was frequently capsizing. I got good at righting the boat whilst in the water, jumping onto the keel and pulling the lanyard ropes using my weight as a fulcrum until it righted itself. I was incredibly strong, wet sails dragging in the water are very heavy. The last day we sailed together, he yelled as we tipped, “get out the boat, get out the boat”. I did the most beautiful backward dive, my back arched over the center board under the boom and sail. Usually I caught my toes in the foot strap so I did not fall out, but that day I missed the straps and went on into a heroic backward dive straight into the water. Needless to say we lost the race and I was fired from being the co sailor. LOL.

I loved danger, facing the elements, almost triumphing when I remained intact and not injured. All this to say I was not the average girl who played with dolls and dressed up. I was clearly different.

I went to a boarding where unknown to me and my family Lesbian tendencies were promoted. I have never told anyone this before. Girls were actively encouraged to have crushes on other girls and the head mistress only came to ‘help’ at bath times. Yes, I did have a crush on a senior girl.

What I knew about boys was not much but I knew for a long time that at least physically I was as good if not better than them.

What puzzled me was my emotions. I would be far more emotional than boys and it bothered me, it made me feel inferior.

Eventually I married and had children. I did not enjoy talking about diapers, teething, potty training and all that jazz that other women seemed to!
I often thought women were beautiful and I like beautiful things. I always thought I was unique and that there was no one like me and in a way that is correct.

One day however, a woman at my church gave a talk about women, she was a SRN nurse and knew what she was talking about. It was fascinating to me to see myself plastered all over the board she was writing on. Why I was more emotional than men. She talked about hormones and PMS, (premenstrual Tension). Which she said did not need to run our lives or be used to manipulate our families or husbands with. She talked about women’s points of view and how our brains are different to men and also the way they communicate. It explained so much about how I could be physical and yet have this other side of me that no one had ever explained about.

I suddenly realized that I really was a complete woman. Not a man gone wrong, or a man in woman’s body. That it was ok to be who God had made me and that I was completely normal for the woman I was. In fact In many general ways I was just all the other women, with the same type of emotional challenges and stresses and it was ok.

Many years later my youngest brother who loved to sing and be in school plays and did not enjoy football particularly was challenged by other school kids that he must be a homosexual because he loved art, singing, and not football. Thankfully he was strong and did not allow this state of affairs to continue, but it did upset him whilst it went on. Had he lived nowadays he might have felt pressured to become a homosexual to fit in with peer pressure and grooming.

My husband is a techy engineer, hates sports, but is brilliant at his job. Gentle, but not particularly physical in wanting the hoorah stuff of the army or the sports stuff. He is an excellent husband and is very muscular with wide shoulders. Because of his gentleness men occasionally come onto him thinking he must be gay, but he is not and I can attest to this as an expert. My first husband did turn out to be a closet homosexual so I know what I am talking about.

I also employed a transgender nanny for a while whom I really liked. Andrew became Andrea being fully surgically altered. The sad thing was Andrea did not fit in anywhere now. Women did not want her in the bathrooms because they could see what she really was. Even my 3 year old son asked me, “Mummy is that a man dressed up as a lady”. He knew nothing about these things. When Andrea would arrive early and I was upstairs getting ready for work. I could sense there was a man in the house. To me her spirit, the real her was still the man God created and put into his body. Drastically altering his physical body to fit the female image had not altered the male spirit he was born with. Your spirit is eternal.

It broke my heart. Men did not want to be around her, nor women, no one knew what to do with her. She made a living hell for herself, living in a tiny Garrett room alone in no man’s land. It cost her all her money, job, home and family. Someone lied to her by not telling her the truth when she announced age 7 she was really girl in a boys body. No she was not. She was just confused, time and inner healing from the damage her parents did would sort it out eventually.

Now I am not talking about the sad situation when people are born with both genitalia. I have no knowledge about that, but I do know there is expert help for this.

So after shocking you all, why am I saying all of this now?

Give yourself time to grow up and find your place in the world. There is a huge sliding scale of what makes a man and what constitutes a woman. You can be a male and like the arts and you can be a big and tall sporty woman who like to be rough and still be totally female! Don’t go through with all the LGBT hype, or the media push because they have nothing better to publish in the media, or the arts in the name of pushing the boundaries. They don’t know what they doing to our young ones who trust them with their future to make good, sensible decisions on their behalf!

Celebrate who you really are, it’s ok.
The LGBT spirit belongs to perversion of true and wholesome sex. It is an unclean spirit and takes hold of people if they persist in perverted pleasures. Ultimately their lives will not unfold long term in real fullfilment and happiness. Yes, I know there is odd success story of LGBT marriages but for most people they do not last and you end up lonely and old and alone with physical problems.

Recently I heard several stories on the national radio about mothers who were allowing their young children age 4, 7 etc to change Genda, because they believe they are a boy in girls body or the other way around.
AS a mother, let me assure you there is a period of time where all kids dress up,and try out different roles. Boys may play with dolls, or put a dress on, this is just play and finding out who they really are in life’s process. Later they will settle down and become the fullness of who they were meant to be, i.e. A man or a girl. Some people take longer to find out just like me and that’s ok too.

So what am I saying? If you are female just because you are a ‘tomboy’ and like do sports, or play with boys rather than girls, or enjoy looking at a beautiful girl does not mean you are a lesbian and similarly if you are a boy, just because you admire a certain man, want to sing, or paint does not mean you are homosexual.
Let me tell you, the girls will be examining makeup, how it’s down, hair, clothes, how the beautiful girl walks, talks, so she can be beautiful too. The boy often wants a father’s affirmation and love and acceptance of who he is and help in knowing how to do life. when he does not get it, wrongly looks for it in another man whose motives may not pure. The gay agenda groom young men and women to prepare them for the peverted sexual act.

Many things come into play, an overbearing mother, a father who is absent or not fulfilling his role can all make us look to fulfill the role that should have been theirs with someone else and we may do it in a wrong way. BEing wounded emotionally or physically by someone can twist our minds too. Some think that bad love is better than no love. I ask you, is it in the long run? Forgiveness and renewing the mind are the real answers. The love of Christ is never going to let you down or become peverted but will remain pure and constant.

So what do we do? Learn from others. Don’t be seduced by the aggressive agenda of the LGBT World. You are most likely quite normal and just need time to sort yourself out. Don’t hurry up to be sexual, wait for the right time and the right person. Don’t fall for LGBT marketing either in schools or media.
Stand up for your rights, LGBT are only 9 percent of the population although to hear the noise they make you would think they are a majority.

Points to consider:- If we were meant to be LGBT the world would die out because there would be no babies.
Facts:- anal sex causes tremendous tissue damage to the rectum and through disease shortens the average gay mans life by 30 years. You end up having to wear a Tampax up your anus so you don’t leak. Aids and Venerial disease are still a strong possibility. They won’t tell you these things though. Most likely you will end up lonely once your youthful beauty has worn off.

There are ministries that help, having come through this themselves. you can locate them on the web.
But for now to sum up: JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T FIT THE MOULD DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE LGBT in some way or other. Learn to celebrate who you are. The world needs you.

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Supernatural or what!

Today was another supernatural day when God did something amazing. I met a woman Lana was her name whom I have never seen before. We talked and I ended up inviting her back to my apartment to share lunch with me.
I gave her a tour around the apartment and when I got to my office area I showed her my Vision Board for this year. I as talked about the words, topics and pictures I had cut, glued and modge poged onto the board, I came to the picture of a Downy Woodpecker. I found myself telling her the significance of the Woodpecker to me. She seemed to be blown away by the short story.

Then with amazement in her voice and posture,she unfolded to me that all week a little Downy Woodpecker kept pecking at her deck, even during her prayer times. She knew it was significant and asked God what it meant. Instead, today God told her to come from Bellingham to Seattle to attend the same prayer meeting as myself where she would have an encounter that would tell her what she needed to know. She felt she was to have lunch with me before I even knew I was going to ask her! The desire to know more about me grew within her until God orchestrated our lunch time together.

So here is what I told her of my Woodpecker story. Holding the Vision Board in my hands. I related how many years ago I had been asking God for something in particular and ten years had gone by and still my prayer seemed to be unaswered. Whilst walking in the park praying I heard what sounded like a Woodpecker. Unusual in a large city Park. For my Leeds friends it was Roundhay Park. Sure enough on following the tapping sound, half way up a tree was a tiny Woodpecker banging it’s head against the tree trunk.

Without speaking I THOUGHT “that’s how I feel sometimes when I pray, like banging my head against the proverbial brick wall only today it was illustrated by a small bird and a wooden tree.” Immediately God spoke into my mind.

I was blown away. God really did hear my thoughts! Then I thought why not? He is living in my heart so of course He knows what I think. It was both fearful and wonderful all the same time. The Bible tells us to take captive every thought to God, no wonder!
I placed the picture of the Woodpecker this year on my Vison Board to remind me God is always hearing me when I pray to Him.

So here is the rub:-
God brings a lady all the way from Bellingham at least 30 miles north of Seattle where I live to attend a prayer meeting just to meet me because I had the answer to the Woodpecker cunundrum that was happening to her. The little bird was so busy especially when she was praying that she asked God what it meant believing it was significant for her. She did not know my story and the significance of a Woodpecker to me. Also unknown to me God was deeply at work when I shared this little story with her today in my office, showing her the picture of the Downy Woodpecker on my vision Board which I made in January 2016 and now it is September 9th 2016. Little did I know that God Would bring a woman from afar to see my vision board and I would be able to tell her.
God orchestrated our movements to coincide, gave us a similar desire to get to know each other a bit better over lunch. Boom prayer answered, people moved, placed to further God’s Kingdom.

I never felt a thing, LOL but God used me supernaturally. Even when I cut and pasted that little Woodpecker all those months ago in January onto my Vision Board. I had no idea God would use it to speak very specifically to an unknown woman in my home. What an amazing God we serve.

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The Spider Who Did Not Want To Live

I told you so Spider; I told if you continued to live inside my petrol cap you would eventually die. You took no notice! I saw you watching me, you were all pale and white without any light to darken your skin and give you strength.

I gave you my finger to climb up on to get to the light but you ran away from me terrified. I gently tried to rescue you again and again, slowly trying to coax you out but you constantly shrank away back into the dark. I told you I was trying to help you. I told you you would die if you stayed in the dark dangerous area you mistakenly chose to live in. I told you there was no food there to sustain your life; but you did not want to know. You ran away from me preferring the dark you knew to taking the risk to climb to safety into the light when the help was offered.

Now all I can see is the thin whitenline of your Webb hoisted to no avail to catch the food that would never come to give you life. Now your dead! Why didn’t you listen to me? I was gentle and kind. I offered a way out. Now you are gone. No one knew you ever existed except me. I was the only witness to your life hiding in my petrol cap for weeks trying to survive. I left your skimpy thread intact that you worked so hard on in the wrong place, at the wrong time. My heart ached for you, there could have been so much more to your life.

I remember you though with sadness in my heart, because I did not want you to die, but live and thrive. I knew where the life and the light were and I offered it to you again and again; but you thought you knew best. You let fear stop you from making good decisions, how sad is that!
How many of us let fear stop us making right decisions and taking life giving risks so that we can thrive. Is that you?

Think big and your dreads will grow
Think small and you’ll fall behind
Thank that you can and you will
It’s all in the state of your mind.
Take my hand and I will lead you to life.
I will show you the way.
Ask and you will receive.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

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Golden Chaiermalink: ‎ Add PollAdd Poll Add Contact Form Add Locationns that do not bind you.

The maid loved her master.  She had been brought into the household at a young age and was glad of a roof over her head and a safe place to lie down and food in her belly.  The household chores were many and varied and times she became tired but never so tired that she did not want to serve her master.

Such was her devotion to the master who had loved her so well that she kept her eyes on him at all times just waiting for the merest hint of a motion to be served and she was there.  Sometimes people wanted to know why she stayed in this place of servitude, how could she love someone who demanded all her time and attention.  The answer always came easily to her lips:- because I am so loved that I find it easy to love back.  In fact it is an honor and a privilege to belong to this household and to serve my master.  He is just and fair although it costs me everything I know it is well worthwhile.  e

The maid did not consider it a bondage to be in the position on of a servant although she had given up much to be in this household.  Chains of bondage restrict you and hold back, imprison your freedom and movement.  These chains however were not normal.  They were chains of gold forged in fire of pure love.  She loved because she was first loved.  You cannot give away what you do not have.  Her mast the ultimate giver and creator of life gave so abundantly to the maid that she could easily submit to him and serve him.  Filled with love it was easy for to love back.

Gold is a soft metal and easily bent, supple, mold able and really only useful  as a symbol or adornment.  Gold is also refined by becoming hot and melting down in fire so all the dross and unless gunk can be removed.  Leaving a pure shining metal – gold, now of great value and worth. May the only chained that bind you be chains of holy love pure and undefined.  May you watch for the slightest command from your master to obey with a full and whole heart.

These chains were not really chains at all but the symbol of a life freely dedicated to love.

Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

War in the heavens out in the open

Today driving to help with my regular Tuesday & Thursday after school Homework club I saw not just one but two bald eagles. (By the way bald is a native American word for white not bald as in no feathers in our language).  The eagles were in an all out war with four smaller black birds.   It was as if I was watching a world war II movie with a dog fight taking place between airplanes.  Vicious, unrelenting the four smaller birds attacked again and again.  Wheeling around and around, attacking, counter attacking, plummeting, soaring, shrieking in anger, pain, striking, regrouping.  One could almost hear the rat-tat-tat of the machine guns spewing out death and carnage and vengeance.

In real life the Bald Eagles had most likely stolen their eggs or young ones from the nest to meet their needs for food for themselves or at this time or year for their own young ones.

However, spiritually this is what I perceived:-

We are in all out war no longer hidden or cloaked.  The enemy has come right out in the open.  Dealing death blows, stealing/perverting our children, damaging our families, not to mention attacks on us.  He is trying to kill many of right now, steal our ministries, our destinies, our faith, our families and our hope for the future.  He is running scared because he knows time is running out on his reign of terror, killing, stealing, destroying, twisting minds here on the earth.  He used to work behind the scenes, but now the warfare is out in the open for all to see.  You have only to look at Hollywood and the movies made, to see they too are in an all out war of good against evil.  Hence the plethora of Superman, Batman v Superman, the witch, the TV movie series Satan and the open gender attacks in our schools and so on.

No longer in the shadows the battle is out in the open.  This week alone I learned that in America witches are having a harvest with more people openly pouring into covens now called churches of Satan than ever before.  That in New York and London the capitals of two very important nations temples of BAAL have been erected because they were destroyed in Syria. So for wrong reasons, evil reasons not good Baal was brought into our midst.   This gives permission spiritually speaking for this life destroying spirit to have dominion in our lands since they were brought in with someone’s permission to our nations capitals!

Why does it matter?  Because there IS good and evil; whether you agree with that statement or not, it is real.   There is a line drawn not in sand but in blood, the everlasting blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ shed on Cavalries Hill once and for all time.  The demarcation zone stands for ever whether you see it or not.  If you are not for God the wonderful Holy Father in Heaven, and His kingdom of light, peace and joy, whether you like or not – you fall into the dark side category, the evil side of the spiritual realm by default or unless your are deliberately choosing to side with evil as some are doing.  Unless you deliberately choose to follow Jesus Christ by faith which brings you into the Kingdom of light God’s side.

Baal, also known as Marduk, Merdack, Bel, Ba-al, Balim and many more similar names were worshipped in the religion of the Chaldeans and Babylonians.  It involved child sacrifice, the parents placed their children into the bronze arms of the statue of Baal and were consumed by fire.  The fire was underneath the statue and pumped by bellows of the temple servants from behind, tricking the people from the front thinking they did something good for themselves as they sacrificed their children.  The child seemed to laugh hysterically while being burned, again deceiving the parents.  Actually the fire contracted the muscles of body and face making it seem like the child was smiling.  Loud music played to cover the screams of the child/baby.  The temple’s servant both male and female prostituted themselves because Baal was in also linked to Asherah.  Hence fertility rights were acted out. Today we dance around a Maypole, a symboli of a male organ whilst the ribbons intertwined by exotic dances represent (unknown to us in modern culture) the intricate movements of the female wrapping herself around the male organ and becoming one with the pole.  Bel another name for Ba-al was known to have a pet dragon with a forked tongue, a forked tongue represent lies and the devil is the father of all lies, deceit and vile putrid things.  Baal is also known as the Prince of demons and Lord of demons, Lord of flies.  Why do I mention such awful things?  Because our society is far removed from it’s roots that it no longer understands the connotations of what is actually happening in our society.  The true meaning of symbols has got lost, yet we see them everyday.  For example Starbucks – ever wonder why the mermaid?  She is literally holding up her fish tail above her head to reveal her private sexual parts?  Why because this was a symbol of seduction and a siren who by their seductive songs lured sailors to their death.  Why Starbucks would choose this logo?  I will let you think about that.  Having said that, I love Starbucks coffee and they have modified the logo over the years because some people have realized what it really means.  No wonder though we are willing to pay so much money for a cup of coffee, we truly have been seduced to part with our money.  Open your eyes folks and see what is really going on in our world!

Is this what we want for our countries? I sincerely hope the answer is no.  This is another indication that the battle is out in the open.  All the mixed up thinking about gender is no longer hidden but out in the open.  For years we have sacrificed our babies through Planned Parenthood because they would inconvenience our lives in some way, instead of exercising self control or using contraception.  Our children’s games and many TV programs have evil creatures that become our friends, or our spirit guides and our children learn evil is good, wicked is good, they even say “wicked’ when approving of something cool.   Such programs seem harmless but subtly we are teaching our children that evil and demonic beings are good and be cute and our friends.  Vulnerable lonely children turn to such friendships because they crave friendship, love.  When we let them watch this stuff in our own homes – our children see it unsaid as sign of permission, that we agree with these things.  Anything we bring or let into our house, even if it on TV, games etc.  is seen as ok, approved by our children.  We must stand and fight through prayer and peaceful protests and witnessing, that is telling people the truth, gently, kindly and in love.

So now back to the current battle today Tuesday.

I say to you rise up men and women of God rise up, open your eyes to what is really going on right under our noses. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.  It is no longer time to stand by and idly watch leaving the battle up to someone else or hoping it will go away.  It is time to stand up and be counted and to love not our lives even unto death.  Revelation 11:12  “They overcame the enemy by the word of their testimony and the blood of the lamb and they loved not their lives even unto death”.

We are racing down Revelations end days.  We are much further down than most people realize.  Wake up you sleepy heads, get out of bed and pray, declare, decree, intercede, fast and pray.  Turn off the TV and pray!   Christ gave to church the great commission “to go into all the world to preach the Gospel (good news) heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead.  The disciples did just that.  Are you?

If you look at a map you will see the disciples walked into the top of Africa.  For over 200 years there were many successful churches thriving until the Moslems (don’t get me wrong here, I love and pray for Moslems regularly and show love to them) brought in great business along with their faith.  They are hard workers aggressive in their faith.  They got into the City and town councils and the market places, owned houses and positions of power, financial institutions of their day.  The next step was to tax Christians higher for the rent, their windows, their food, education, anything a Christian persons might need to know, so people fled their faith in droves.

Christians were persecuted and their families because the Koran says “death to all infidels”  and if you do not believe in their faith you must die.  Unlike the loving and incorporating, all inclusive Christian faith.  Sadly the locals could not survive the financial onslaught or fear for the lives of loved ones and gave up their faith and became Moslems.  Now as we all know Sudan and top of Africa is heavily Muslim and Christians are still dying – being beheaded, burned, raped etc. to make them give up their faith.  We no longer consider the north of Africa Christian.  There are some wonderful souls still fighting the good fight and we need to pray for them regularly.  Because they really live facing death every day for their savior.

Why am I mentioning this?

I am mentioning this as an example of what will happen to our countries if we do not take a stand and fight for truth, justice, freedom, equality.  I need to state we fight peacefully with our lives of love, prayer, not with guns.

Even today whole churches are burned with Christians inside.  The battle rages fiercely.  There are more Christian Martyrs today than ever before in the whole of history!  Europe is fast becoming Moslem.  Is this an accident?  NO, they are heavily evangelistic and have a mandate to take over the whole world.  Thank God the redeeming grace is that in coming to live amongst us they can be influenced by our love and our light.  Back in the 1980’s I lived in Dewsbury which had the LARGEST MOSQUE in Europe and was an evangelical training center for Moslem’s even then.  How much more now?

All our laws and freedoms came from the 10 commandments in the Holy Bible and loving your neighbor as yourself principles and truthfulness of the Gospels.  Our hospitals, education, freedom from slavery, equal rights for women, and all the wonderful things that make our society great today came from the Bible.  If we do nothing we will lose these beautiful life giving rights.  However, a word of caution, we fight not with weapons made on earth, but in the heavens to Our Father God through Jesus Christ and His redeeming blood through prayer and the Word of God

Don’t know what to pray, pray the Bible.  Psalms is a great place to start and the new testament.  Pray in the Holy Spirit not un- holy spirits as some do.

You may not know but before dawn witches and evil people speak curses and pray evil assignments against us.  This why we need through prayer to take charge of our days.  Command your mornings.  The Lords prayer Our Father in Heaven, Holy is your name sets the scene.  First we pray to the only Holy God who is wise.  Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We are to pray this prayer daily especially at the beginning of day.  Why because, because we are taking the day for good and not for evil.  As part of morning meditations and declarations declare “Your Kingdom come oh Lord and Your Will be done today”, in my life in the life of the people.  Now pray for whoever comes to mind since this is prayer line to pray for salvation, governments, lives, families et al.

I say to you, never give up, never surrender, stand and fight.  Do not faint and grow weary of doing good for the best is yet to come.  Like matured wine God has saved the best for last.  You are the best, you were born for such a time as this.  We press toward our heavenly goal already in victory through the cleansing, saving, healing blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ shed once and for all time.

We are part of that,  so we are on the winning side, even though the going is rough for while here, ultimately we win.  Winners never quite and quitters never win.  Fight like never before, your hands have been trained for battle through the many trials and tribulations you have already won.  You are still here, still standing, still loving, still doing good, still praying and speaking The word of Life.  Still shining with the light and love Christ in an increasingly dark and desperate world.  You are overcomers.  Veterans of the good fight.  Keep on loving and keeping your hearts tender before God,  Do not get bitter, but stay pliable in the hands of God, The God above all other Gods, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Keep on praying and declaring The Word of God, worshipping, it is working, it is shifting the atmosphere spiritually.  You are the victorious bride of Christ.  Undefeatable because in Him – Jesus Christ you have already won the battles.  You were made for such a time as this. You have been trained for spiritual war all your life.

There is great power and authority through your relationship with Jesus Christ, right where you are in the name of Jesus Christ who fought Satan and won at the Cross.  You have come through so much and are still standing.  You have not fainted or given up.  Press, yes, press on knowing that there is nothing so precious or so beautiful as transformed lives, lives set free to be all that God called and purposed them to be. 

So dear valiant ones, warriors whose hands are skilled in battle and whose hearts are still soft and pliable in the hands of the almighty, now is the time of destiny.  Think big and your deeds will grow.  Think small and you’ll fall behind. Think that you can and you will it is all in the state of your mind.  Jesus has done it all.  Live big, love give and make the last innings the best of all.  God saves the best for last.

(For those who don’t know eagles in the Bible are a symbol of the Holy Spirit and two is a double anointing.)