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Some practical tips for speaking

when asked to speak have a point.

It is an imposition to expect people to come and hear you if you turn up and “wing it” .People are worth your respect and their time matters!

Too often people turn up and waffle.  Christians say I/m just trusting the Holy Spirit.  That’s all well and good, but first seek God for a message.

Have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Then a summary.  Repeat the point, pull it all together in one paragraph.


Have a point and make it and make it again at the end.

Don’t assume people will know what you are talking about even if it is your testimony, make your case, paint your picture.  Deliver your point.

It is best to write it out before hand then if God moves and you are led to go another way ok.   But be co herant!  For the sake of those listening.

Let us know what you are talking about and talk about it not something else.

Don’t go from one to another like so many rabbit trails.

Have a path, a goal, a subject in mind and carefully craft it.

Start at the beginnning with the Title, keep it in front of you to keep your mind focused that’s where your going.

Then build point by point towards fleshing the Title out.

Have an end.

Here it is another way:

Your title is what happened to you, or the subject you wish to talk about it.

Seat it in what happened.  Give it a foundation, so it not nebulously let to someone’s imagination.

Flesh it out why it mattered

End with what you did about it

Summary what you learned from it.

Hope this helps if not for your sake for the sake of your listeners!



Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

Jesus liberates women and provides for them!

In the Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 20 Jesus was in the Temple in Jerusalem in the Treasury.  Here they kept the taxes and free will offerings for those in need.

Where in the Temple was the Treasury situated?

IN THE COURT OF WOMEN!!  Jesus was spending time with women in their area!

Why?  Because he values women.

By spending time with women, letting them become part of his group and later after his resurrection from the dead they became apostles too He was showing – demonstrating that women are of worth and value.  They are a treasure and He is their treasure.  Also that He will provide for them.  He was there with the free will offerings for the poor.  Who were the majority of the poor?  Women!

Christianity is the only faith that values women. Why because God our Heavenly Father made a way for women to be saved through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for women to be honored, loved, valued and provided for.  To be born again, adopted into Father God’s loving family.  The adoption price, Christ’s blood freely given.  No charge or price for you to pay.  Simply believe and receive.

Again Luke 21: 1-2 Jesus praises the widows mite offering.  Where did this take place?  Again in the women’s court.  So we can see that Jesus made a habit of being concerned for the wellbeing of women!  He is a liberator of women.

Women you have an eternal spirit within you, that means that part of you will live forever, that’s a long time.  Jesus will give your heart a home,  provide for you.  In fact one of His names is Jehovah Jireh, this is God Provides.  So take heart all you valuable women.   Jesus sees and knows your worth, He knows your value.  He paid the price with His own blood to buy you out of sin, death and hell.  You are blood bought and paid for.  Believe it, take it into your heart.  Just have faith.  You belong to Him because He loves you, esteems you, will provide for you.  He will make a way for you when there seems to be no way!  He is concerned for your well-being!  You can still talk to Him, He is alive and hears you.  Ask Him to send His Holy Spirit into your heart and to help you.  He will.

Jesus has good plans for you and a good future safe and secure in His love. His Kingdom will come and rule in your heart and life if you ask Him.   He is the real lover of your soul none other can fully satisfy.  Only Jesus Christ.  He is the source of your life and will fill your heart with living water.

Take heart , there is recourse for you.  There is an advocate for you, there is the protection of a loving Heavenly Father for your heart through the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.

Women if you need help write a reply.

Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

Did you know you are walking amongst ….

Watching the world go by this morning I saw a King and a Queen walking past my window.  They were humbly getting on with their lives not aware I was watching.  How many of us watch people but do not really see what is in them?

Amongst your daily routines are those who belong to a Royal family.  Who rule and reign in life with dignity, purpose, success, who are game changers and life makers!

Let me tell you today as you wonder about your life and what I am saying here?

The King is flying His fly high announcing His residency.  He is not off in some foreign land unavailable to his children and subjects.  No He is right here, Present with you.  Do you know who that is?  Can you see beyond the every day things to what really matters?

YOU MATTER!  YOUR LIFE MATTERS.  There is a plan and purpose for you life.  One that is good and of value to you because the King values you!  Yes, you have value and you are deeply loved with an everlasting love!

Take time today to look around you and look for the Kings and Queens who rule and reign in life.  Those whose Father is the Lord God, The King of Kings, Lord of Lords and His children are the Royals amongst you!  Ask them how and why they have faith?  Ask them why they have love people and have hope in this barren land.  Ask them how you can have it too.  I’m sure they will only be too pleased to help you.

Just be humble, if your life’s a mess and you need help get it from the King of Kings, through the Lord Jesus Christ.  His children will help you find restoration for your life and help you find help for your families, friends and loved ones.  The Kingdom of God filled with righteous, peace and joy.  I know you want some of that too.

The Kings children have learned the secret of a good life!  Seek them out and let them help you!

I am one of them and I would love to dialogue with you.

Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

The Diamond that nobody noticed!

I walked past a Diamond in the rough today.  I walked past it yesterday and the day before and the day before that.  I noticed it struggling to grow in an adverse climate. I felt sorry for it, but did nothing to help either for my part.

That is how Diamonds are forged under great pressure over many many years.  They transform starting off as fallen trees buried in the ground, eventually they metamorphose in Coal.  Then hundreds, maybe thousands of years later under extremes of pressure they change again into a Diamond in the rough.

Unless you know what to look for you might miss them, they do not look like the Diamonds we have in our jewelry!  They don’t even shine until they are cut, faceted and polished then given to us to make us sparkle and shine to impress others or as an investment.

Maybe you too are a Diamond in the rough?  What do I mean?

You know you have a heart of gold and you’d do anything for anybody.  But somehow your in the wrong place at the wrong time and get into trouble, even though you were trying to do a good thing?

In all the pressure of your life you know that deep down inside you are of worth and value but others don’t see it.  Why don’t the people around you see who you really are?  A beautiful strong valuable child of God with a mission and a purpose and a calling?

From one Diamond in the rough to another:  God sees you and made you the unique strong person you are today.  You have a job to do that not many others like you can do.  That’s why you are different.  You go places others will not.  You takes risks others will not.  You don’t mind loving the unlovely because you are not polished either.  You are merciful, kind and compassionate because of what you have been through whereas others have not.  You are indeed special to God and the world needs you!  It may not know it, or show appreciation but it does need YOU!

One day in the right place and the right time God will polish you up and make you multi faceted shinning in the right setting to best show you off.  They will wonder where you came from and where you were hidden.  You were being formed in the secret places to be made ready for what you were put on this earth to do.  Never give up, never surrender, push onwards and upwards.

Be blessed unpolished, unseen Diamond.  God is at work in you.  Embrace the pressure, don’t give up, much is being accomplished as you grow and metamorphose. Keep on keeping on and you will become a polished, multi faceted diamond for all to see.


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Walking through the Big Gulch in this gargantuum Spring.  It seems as if a Spring Fever has taken over – or should I say a Spring Ferver of new life.  Everything is fresh, pretty, growing madly, wildly, extravagantly.

The wild flowers, Woodruff, Pink Campenula, Nettles, and BLEEDING HEARTS all grow in a voluptuous display of rioteous Spring.  The Bleeding Hearts are all mixed in amongst other flowers and leaves all Vying for splendor.

It struck me that life is often like that.  In amongst everyday routines, in the good and the bad, all around us Bleeding Hearts lie.  Do we notice them?  Occasionally maybe, but mostly we all go on with our own lives not noticing the Bleeding Hearts all around us!

There is SOOOOOOH MUCH PAIN in this world.  People are desperate to be heard.  To listen to someone is to value them!  People want to matter, to be validated.  Last Tuesday I said “Hi how are you” to a man in wheelchair with one leg!  He was amazed that I spoke to him!  “Thank you for speaking to me!”  He said.  I found out most people just walk on by!  His heart was bleeding for validation.  Even that small act from me was huge so it seemed to him.  It made me sad.

What can you do to see the Bleeding Hearts all around you?

Acknowledge, speak to, listen, encourage, give, and whatever else God lays on your heart to do.

On the other hand I also noticed that the Bleeding Hearts were in the midst of life going on around them.  I wanted to say to them,  “come on, get up.  Life is for living.  Yes, you are wounded, yes, you are hurt, knocked down, but don’t stay there.  You deserve more.  Find the help you need.  Be bold and courageous and make a start no matter how small and choose to live again.”

I made these same choices after a bad marriage and divorce and lots more stuff.  My choice was “am I going to let this be my life?  Staying defeated and depressed?  Or am I going to fight back?”  To get better or to stay bitter?  If I stayed down whatever brought me that low had won.  I did not want that.  I deserved more, my children deserved more, this was not their fault.  I sought out people to help me, got and took good advice.  Bought the books, read and put the advice into practice.

My faith in Jesus helped me to forgive, – no it was not easy!  But God helped me. I began to grow, to live again.  It was a process as my heart bled all over the place, in appropriate places and inappropriate places.  God put wonderful Christians in my path to help me who were patient and kind to me.  God led me on a path of inner healing, peace and restoration as I worshipped Jesus and read the Bible.  True lasting healing begun to take place.  I want this for you too because I know it works.

From one healed heart to your Bleeding Heart.  Look around you and live again.  The best heart surgeon is Jesus Christ who created you and the world and can put you back together better than before!  


Christianity. Overcoming, Life skills, trauma. Nature, photography, art, writing, pets, family, The Kingdom of God.

Don’t be a Potatoe Head -LOL

My heart bleeds for the state of the world and in particular America where I currently reside.  It seems so confused as to what is right and what is wrong.

I am reminded of a child’s game I used to play then with my children later on called Mr Potato Head.  It involved a basic plastic Potato Head shape with holes in it so you could stick on a variety of arms, legs, eyes, moustachiose, ears, mouths and so on.  You  choose the outcome of the look of the Potato.

However, people are not Potato Heads.  They have a body, spirit, and soul.  The soul is made up of mind, will and emotions.  People have a gift given to them at birth to use in life for example, they may be artistic, musical, scientific in their approach to things.  They may be writers, crafters of words or story tellers, medical healers, carers of people, farmers , lovers of animals, dreamers, visionaries and so on.  One only has to watch the child to see the way they should go.  Even at an early age one can see the evidence of a gift by simply observing what the child likes to do.  You can see by the fruit the person bares what they have inside them that is coming out.

You can also see each person has an inner longing for something greater than themselves.  They long to be fulfilled in their lives and start a quest to find the answer to that longing.  This will often take them along many different roads, from listening to certain kinds of music, trying different types of things, like sports, or smoking, sex., thinking bad love love is better than no love, not realizing sex and love are different things.  Some join gangs, or a group somewhere to try and find their identity.  The quest to find out who you are and be relevant whilst you have life is a very strong drive within each person.  We long for significance, for belonging.  Everything is permissible but NOT everything is beneficial.

So we search.  In recent years though  it seems to me the world has gone a little mad.   We’ve tried everything our parents did, or our historical culture showed us and still feel unfulfilled. In trying everything they become a confused Mr Potatoe Head, sticking bits on here and there, taking bits off!  Thinking it makes them ‘cool’, significant, purposefull.  Instead they find confusion, loss of peace, sometimes inner torment.  In sticking bits on and taking other bits off that were meant to be there they end up in no mans’ land, finding that the grass is not greener on the side!  Sometimes right is just right and wrong is just wrong, it is that simple.

Whether it is politics, trying different drugs, education, business, the arts, self mutilation, or weird and wonderful adornment and so on.   Just because a person can come up with something new, or can find many ways to bend the rules to life does not mean it is, healthy, right or good.

Each person was born with a spirit and eternal being inside them created in the image of God.  This never changes and lives forever.  This is what cries out inside of us to belong.  We also are born with a conscience, that is an innate sense of right and wrong.  As the years go by if we ignore and ride rough shod over our conscience to fit in, it becomes seared, hardened and no longer works correctly.  The fruit, evidence of that is that we no longer know what is right and wrong!  So we give in to every latest trend, fad, whether evil or good.  Our palette, our taste for life becomes jaded, by such a huge smorgasboard board of options to titilate our senses, until they become overextended, and need extremes to give any thrill at all.

The fact nontheless remains, we are still human beings made in the image of God.  We have dignity, worth, value, a sense of right or wrong.  Life can still be simple and wonderful.   We are not Potato Heads that you can stick bits onto, or take bits off.  That is not the grand design of the human being.   There is a plan and a purpose for our lives. Yes, we can put men on the moon, roam the galaxies, but we the human race have NOT changed in our identity and our basic needs, for good relationships, belonging, security and love.

Just because some laws are old does not necessarily make them obsolete either.  There is a blueprint for the health and wellbeing of human beings and it was put together by their creator, Jesus Christ.  The Bible is a blueprint for healthy living, good morals, great relationships, healing both inner and physical.  The world has had it’s greatest success when following it’s laws.  Our cultured civilization was garnered successful living from the Bible and worked well for centuries bringing progress, adventure and success.

So let’s get back to basics and not throw the baby out with the bath water of confusion that is filling our world.  We are not made to be Potato Heads, adding or taking away parts of us, either physically or emotionally, or mentally.  Let’s get back to the source of Wisdom.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The Bible is our earthly manual for a good healthy life.  We’ve tried the Potato Head way and it is not working for the human race.  People are shooting each other, killing our children, making themselves into the Potatoe Head game.

We are beautiful amazing creations of a loving God who created us.  Let’s get back to basics and follow the blueprint of the designer who made us.  Then we will find success, peace for our souls instead of torment and confusion.

No more Mr Potato Heads please.  Be a wise head instead, have some common sense.  Thank you.

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The city of Bad breath!

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lay a land where the sun alway shone.  Where it only rained just the right amount to water the plants and keep the grass, trees and exceptional flowers blooming lived a peculiar race of people.

There were shops and market squares where people sold their merchandise.  Schools and bastions of education to impart knowledge to the future generations.

Walking into the market square it was not immediately obvious there was a problem with the people’s breath!  In this beautiful place something was terribly out of place!

I walked over to purchase a cup of coffee and a slice of zingy flavor filled lemon pound cake and sat down to watch the parade of humanity on display all around.  A facininating hobby of mine.

I could hear the teenagers before I ever saw them, they had some kind of wrap music playing on their IPod.  There were four of them two girls and two boys, talking very loudly so they could hear each other over the music, but so could everyone else.  Capturing my attention I focused on them lazily listening in.  Suddenly I was no longer relaxed in my seat, the music singer blared out, “I’m going to … (bleep bleep) kill you, then I’m going to kill myself”.  At the same I became aware of smell rather like rotten eggs permeating the air around these four young people.  People were staring at them, making them feel very cool but for the wrong reasons.   I could not believe my ears, what in the world was going on here?  Young people should have everything to live for, especially in such a lovely place!

Now my coffee lost its taste and the bad smell continued to linger, like a burnt saucepan that had contained eggs to be boiled and forgotten about and left to boil dry.  Hard to get rid of that smell!  What had they been smoking I wondered?  I got up and left my seat and wandered into the colorful market place.  I love markets, the hustle and bustle, the colorful wares, the smell of fruit and veg, and cotton materials.  The harangue of the sales person selling his wares all fill the senses with an exotic blend of creative art.

The narrow walkway was heaving with people, even so the kid was having a tantrum and his mother was swatting him across his head telling him he was no good and would turn out just like his good for nothing father.  No wonder I thought quietly to myself.  I wonder if she ever affirmed him, or encouraged him?  Probably not.  I get it, I really do!  She herself was not affirmed or valued and did not know how to love herself never mind her children.  She was busy, very busy! Most likely very poor too since women do not earn as much as men, and she had a family to feed and cloth.  Desperate times I’m sure for this woman.  She may not even have a job!

Standing still in the midst of a milling throng of people busy getting their daily jobs done,   I became aware again of a rather unpleasant smell, as if there was problem with the drains.  I slowly moved on, speed was not an option as the walkway was so jam packed.  It seemed as though everywhere I went people were slagging each other off and finding it funny.  Like a joke to insult your friends mother, or your family.  Or their intelligence.  Every other word seemed to be a swear word but no one seemed to notice, it had become normal for their communication it seemed.  I always thought If one needs to swear to communicate, you should read, and grow your vocabulary, unless your illiterate and then you won’t be reading this?  There are many choice words one can use without being vulgar.

So rather disconsolately I left the market place and decided to check into the sports club and take a sauna.  In the men’s changing room, derogatory conversations ensued about wives, families, women and even colleagues including coarse jokes.  No- one seemed happy or to have a bounce in their step.  Ugggh I needed to get out of there !  Someone must have had an episode in the toilet!  It stank!  It seemed to be a day of bad smells.

Walking down the corridor to the sauna I passed the badminton court.  Looking through the glass at the two players it seemed to me there was a fog around the players.  Looking more closely I noticed from the players mouths trails of evil looking smoke floated out as they moved their mouths in conversation to each other.  Ohhh, that’s not good I thought and moved on.

Sitting in the Sauna was another person who once I had sat down struck up an animated conversation.  At first it seemed alright they were holding forth about their political views. As the conversation went on it seemed they slagged everyone off, from the president, politicians, jobs, people from different walks of life.  They must have thought they knew everything so I asked them what they did?  I work on computers.  You don’t seem happy with your job?  Which set off another tirade.

I have often observed that those who do nothing to help bring good change are often the most vociferous of others who are trying to help bring about.  Why is that I wonder?  It is as if pulling others down makes them feel better about themselves.  Not a good strategy I suspect.

By now I realized this city had a big problem!  It was not politics, religion, commerce or their relationships or education.  It was a huge problem of the heart.  Their hearts were dirty, hopeless, discolored by life and no-one it seemed had told them the answer to their major problem.  There is a proverb, which is a wise saying that “OUT OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS.”  Which means that what is inside of your thinking, your emotions, your knowledge, is what is going to come out of you in your speech.

Bad breath is occasionally helped by good oral hygene, but the I’m talking about what no dentist and amount of flossing and mouthwash can cover.  It comes from deep within your guts.  the pain, grief, anger, resentment, bitterness, rage, offense and so much more.  It comes out you, visible only to those around you often making them back off from you.  Like streams of dark smoke filling the atmosphere of your own heart and those around you.

This city needs to see a doctor I thought.  The old fashioned sort who would say to you after you described your symptoms;  “now stick out your tongue.”  He would then take a wide wooden spatula press down your tongue and take a good look at the condition of it!  I always wondered what they saw.    Now I knew, slime, broken grooves, spotty parts, bad breath, tender areas where it was infected and so on.  Then the doctor would prescribe the remedy.

The heart of the problem is the human heart.  No-one can fix this, not politicians, teachers, gurus,  religion, etc.,  There is only way to fix this problem.  Take your sick heart to the best and only real heart doctor there is and he will fix it for you:

Who is this doctor and where do I find him?

He is Jesus Christ, who takes away the sins of the world and bring shealing to your wounded broken heart, soul and mind. Not only did he come into the world save it but to give it hope and a future.  To give a fresh new start when the people come to him in their muck and grime, in their sin.  Yes even when we are still sinners, which means doing and saying bad things, Jesus loves us and holds his arms out to us and says “come to me, have faith in me, give me your burdens and I will you rest and peace for your soul, for your heart. “He means business, he will do and accomplish all he has promised for you.

This is the only permanent solution for the bad breath which is what happens when our negative, judgemental, critical words come out of our unhappy wounded hearts.  Our Words affect those around us and permeate the atmosphere, creating a bad environment for us to live in.  Directing our lives down the drain.  Words are creative and directional in their power amongst other things.  Life and death are in the power of the tongue!

Dear people who read this, You can find hope, rest, peace and joy for yourself, but only through Jesus Christ.  He said “I am the door, if you open the door of your heart to me, I will come in and dine with you.”  Rev 3.   He also said,” I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to God any other way except through me.”  Johns gospel.

He is the only true way.  Many try to find fixes for their condition through other false Gods and religions, but Jesus Christ is The Creator.  Lord of Lords, King of Kings, above all else the supreme King over all past, present and future.  He can be totally trusted with your heart.  He is expert at putting mending broken hearts and making them better than before.

Bring your heart and consequently your mouth, your thoughts and words to the heart doctor – Jesus and have a new start.  Make a good choice right now and bring your heart to Jesus, he will mend it and give you a new start, but only if your serious and do what his word tells you to.  Salvation is un conditional but for your life to change that is conditional in that you trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.