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Jesus liberates women and provides for them!

In the Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 20 Jesus was in the Temple in Jerusalem in the Treasury.  Here they kept the taxes and free will offerings for those in need.

Where in the Temple was the Treasury situated?

IN THE COURT OF WOMEN!!  Jesus was spending time with women in their area!

Why?  Because he values women.

By spending time with women, letting them become part of his group and later after his resurrection from the dead they became apostles too He was showing – demonstrating that women are of worth and value.  They are a treasure and He is their treasure.  Also that He will provide for them.  He was there with the free will offerings for the poor.  Who were the majority of the poor?  Women!

Christianity is the only faith that values women. Why because God our Heavenly Father made a way for women to be saved through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for women to be honored, loved, valued and provided for.  To be born again, adopted into Father God’s loving family.  The adoption price, Christ’s blood freely given.  No charge or price for you to pay.  Simply believe and receive.

Again Luke 21: 1-2 Jesus praises the widows mite offering.  Where did this take place?  Again in the women’s court.  So we can see that Jesus made a habit of being concerned for the wellbeing of women!  He is a liberator of women.

Women you have an eternal spirit within you, that means that part of you will live forever, that’s a long time.  Jesus will give your heart a home,  provide for you.  In fact one of His names is Jehovah Jireh, this is God Provides.  So take heart all you valuable women.   Jesus sees and knows your worth, He knows your value.  He paid the price with His own blood to buy you out of sin, death and hell.  You are blood bought and paid for.  Believe it, take it into your heart.  Just have faith.  You belong to Him because He loves you, esteems you, will provide for you.  He will make a way for you when there seems to be no way!  He is concerned for your well-being!  You can still talk to Him, He is alive and hears you.  Ask Him to send His Holy Spirit into your heart and to help you.  He will.

Jesus has good plans for you and a good future safe and secure in His love. His Kingdom will come and rule in your heart and life if you ask Him.   He is the real lover of your soul none other can fully satisfy.  Only Jesus Christ.  He is the source of your life and will fill your heart with living water.

Take heart , there is recourse for you.  There is an advocate for you, there is the protection of a loving Heavenly Father for your heart through the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.

Women if you need help write a reply.