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Did you know you are walking amongst ….

Watching the world go by this morning I saw a King and a Queen walking past my window.  They were humbly getting on with their lives not aware I was watching.  How many of us watch people but do not really see what is in them?

Amongst your daily routines are those who belong to a Royal family.  Who rule and reign in life with dignity, purpose, success, who are game changers and life makers!

Let me tell you today as you wonder about your life and what I am saying here?

The King is flying His fly high announcing His residency.  He is not off in some foreign land unavailable to his children and subjects.  No He is right here, Present with you.  Do you know who that is?  Can you see beyond the every day things to what really matters?

YOU MATTER!  YOUR LIFE MATTERS.  There is a plan and purpose for you life.  One that is good and of value to you because the King values you!  Yes, you have value and you are deeply loved with an everlasting love!

Take time today to look around you and look for the Kings and Queens who rule and reign in life.  Those whose Father is the Lord God, The King of Kings, Lord of Lords and His children are the Royals amongst you!  Ask them how and why they have faith?  Ask them why they have love people and have hope in this barren land.  Ask them how you can have it too.  I’m sure they will only be too pleased to help you.

Just be humble, if your life’s a mess and you need help get it from the King of Kings, through the Lord Jesus Christ.  His children will help you find restoration for your life and help you find help for your families, friends and loved ones.  The Kingdom of God filled with righteous, peace and joy.  I know you want some of that too.

The Kings children have learned the secret of a good life!  Seek them out and let them help you!

I am one of them and I would love to dialogue with you.