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The Diamond that nobody noticed!

I walked past a Diamond in the rough today.  I walked past it yesterday and the day before and the day before that.  I noticed it struggling to grow in an adverse climate. I felt sorry for it, but did nothing to help either for my part.

That is how Diamonds are forged under great pressure over many many years.  They transform starting off as fallen trees buried in the ground, eventually they metamorphose in Coal.  Then hundreds, maybe thousands of years later under extremes of pressure they change again into a Diamond in the rough.

Unless you know what to look for you might miss them, they do not look like the Diamonds we have in our jewelry!  They don’t even shine until they are cut, faceted and polished then given to us to make us sparkle and shine to impress others or as an investment.

Maybe you too are a Diamond in the rough?  What do I mean?

You know you have a heart of gold and you’d do anything for anybody.  But somehow your in the wrong place at the wrong time and get into trouble, even though you were trying to do a good thing?

In all the pressure of your life you know that deep down inside you are of worth and value but others don’t see it.  Why don’t the people around you see who you really are?  A beautiful strong valuable child of God with a mission and a purpose and a calling?

From one Diamond in the rough to another:  God sees you and made you the unique strong person you are today.  You have a job to do that not many others like you can do.  That’s why you are different.  You go places others will not.  You takes risks others will not.  You don’t mind loving the unlovely because you are not polished either.  You are merciful, kind and compassionate because of what you have been through whereas others have not.  You are indeed special to God and the world needs you!  It may not know it, or show appreciation but it does need YOU!

One day in the right place and the right time God will polish you up and make you multi faceted shinning in the right setting to best show you off.  They will wonder where you came from and where you were hidden.  You were being formed in the secret places to be made ready for what you were put on this earth to do.  Never give up, never surrender, push onwards and upwards.

Be blessed unpolished, unseen Diamond.  God is at work in you.  Embrace the pressure, don’t give up, much is being accomplished as you grow and metamorphose. Keep on keeping on and you will become a polished, multi faceted diamond for all to see.