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Walking through the Big Gulch in this gargantuum Spring.  It seems as if a Spring Fever has taken over – or should I say a Spring Ferver of new life.  Everything is fresh, pretty, growing madly, wildly, extravagantly.

The wild flowers, Woodruff, Pink Campenula, Nettles, and BLEEDING HEARTS all grow in a voluptuous display of rioteous Spring.  The Bleeding Hearts are all mixed in amongst other flowers and leaves all Vying for splendor.

It struck me that life is often like that.  In amongst everyday routines, in the good and the bad, all around us Bleeding Hearts lie.  Do we notice them?  Occasionally maybe, but mostly we all go on with our own lives not noticing the Bleeding Hearts all around us!

There is SOOOOOOH MUCH PAIN in this world.  People are desperate to be heard.  To listen to someone is to value them!  People want to matter, to be validated.  Last Tuesday I said “Hi how are you” to a man in wheelchair with one leg!  He was amazed that I spoke to him!  “Thank you for speaking to me!”  He said.  I found out most people just walk on by!  His heart was bleeding for validation.  Even that small act from me was huge so it seemed to him.  It made me sad.

What can you do to see the Bleeding Hearts all around you?

Acknowledge, speak to, listen, encourage, give, and whatever else God lays on your heart to do.

On the other hand I also noticed that the Bleeding Hearts were in the midst of life going on around them.  I wanted to say to them,  “come on, get up.  Life is for living.  Yes, you are wounded, yes, you are hurt, knocked down, but don’t stay there.  You deserve more.  Find the help you need.  Be bold and courageous and make a start no matter how small and choose to live again.”

I made these same choices after a bad marriage and divorce and lots more stuff.  My choice was “am I going to let this be my life?  Staying defeated and depressed?  Or am I going to fight back?”  To get better or to stay bitter?  If I stayed down whatever brought me that low had won.  I did not want that.  I deserved more, my children deserved more, this was not their fault.  I sought out people to help me, got and took good advice.  Bought the books, read and put the advice into practice.

My faith in Jesus helped me to forgive, – no it was not easy!  But God helped me. I began to grow, to live again.  It was a process as my heart bled all over the place, in appropriate places and inappropriate places.  God put wonderful Christians in my path to help me who were patient and kind to me.  God led me on a path of inner healing, peace and restoration as I worshipped Jesus and read the Bible.  True lasting healing begun to take place.  I want this for you too because I know it works.

From one healed heart to your Bleeding Heart.  Look around you and live again.  The best heart surgeon is Jesus Christ who created you and the world and can put you back together better than before!