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Don’t be a Potatoe Head -LOL

My heart bleeds for the state of the world and in particular America where I currently reside.  It seems so confused as to what is right and what is wrong.

I am reminded of a child’s game I used to play then with my children later on called Mr Potato Head.  It involved a basic plastic Potato Head shape with holes in it so you could stick on a variety of arms, legs, eyes, moustachiose, ears, mouths and so on.  You  choose the outcome of the look of the Potato.

However, people are not Potato Heads.  They have a body, spirit, and soul.  The soul is made up of mind, will and emotions.  People have a gift given to them at birth to use in life for example, they may be artistic, musical, scientific in their approach to things.  They may be writers, crafters of words or story tellers, medical healers, carers of people, farmers , lovers of animals, dreamers, visionaries and so on.  One only has to watch the child to see the way they should go.  Even at an early age one can see the evidence of a gift by simply observing what the child likes to do.  You can see by the fruit the person bares what they have inside them that is coming out.

You can also see each person has an inner longing for something greater than themselves.  They long to be fulfilled in their lives and start a quest to find the answer to that longing.  This will often take them along many different roads, from listening to certain kinds of music, trying different types of things, like sports, or smoking, sex., thinking bad love love is better than no love, not realizing sex and love are different things.  Some join gangs, or a group somewhere to try and find their identity.  The quest to find out who you are and be relevant whilst you have life is a very strong drive within each person.  We long for significance, for belonging.  Everything is permissible but NOT everything is beneficial.

So we search.  In recent years though  it seems to me the world has gone a little mad.   We’ve tried everything our parents did, or our historical culture showed us and still feel unfulfilled. In trying everything they become a confused Mr Potatoe Head, sticking bits on here and there, taking bits off!  Thinking it makes them ‘cool’, significant, purposefull.  Instead they find confusion, loss of peace, sometimes inner torment.  In sticking bits on and taking other bits off that were meant to be there they end up in no mans’ land, finding that the grass is not greener on the side!  Sometimes right is just right and wrong is just wrong, it is that simple.

Whether it is politics, trying different drugs, education, business, the arts, self mutilation, or weird and wonderful adornment and so on.   Just because a person can come up with something new, or can find many ways to bend the rules to life does not mean it is, healthy, right or good.

Each person was born with a spirit and eternal being inside them created in the image of God.  This never changes and lives forever.  This is what cries out inside of us to belong.  We also are born with a conscience, that is an innate sense of right and wrong.  As the years go by if we ignore and ride rough shod over our conscience to fit in, it becomes seared, hardened and no longer works correctly.  The fruit, evidence of that is that we no longer know what is right and wrong!  So we give in to every latest trend, fad, whether evil or good.  Our palette, our taste for life becomes jaded, by such a huge smorgasboard board of options to titilate our senses, until they become overextended, and need extremes to give any thrill at all.

The fact nontheless remains, we are still human beings made in the image of God.  We have dignity, worth, value, a sense of right or wrong.  Life can still be simple and wonderful.   We are not Potato Heads that you can stick bits onto, or take bits off.  That is not the grand design of the human being.   There is a plan and a purpose for our lives. Yes, we can put men on the moon, roam the galaxies, but we the human race have NOT changed in our identity and our basic needs, for good relationships, belonging, security and love.

Just because some laws are old does not necessarily make them obsolete either.  There is a blueprint for the health and wellbeing of human beings and it was put together by their creator, Jesus Christ.  The Bible is a blueprint for healthy living, good morals, great relationships, healing both inner and physical.  The world has had it’s greatest success when following it’s laws.  Our cultured civilization was garnered successful living from the Bible and worked well for centuries bringing progress, adventure and success.

So let’s get back to basics and not throw the baby out with the bath water of confusion that is filling our world.  We are not made to be Potato Heads, adding or taking away parts of us, either physically or emotionally, or mentally.  Let’s get back to the source of Wisdom.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The Bible is our earthly manual for a good healthy life.  We’ve tried the Potato Head way and it is not working for the human race.  People are shooting each other, killing our children, making themselves into the Potatoe Head game.

We are beautiful amazing creations of a loving God who created us.  Let’s get back to basics and follow the blueprint of the designer who made us.  Then we will find success, peace for our souls instead of torment and confusion.

No more Mr Potato Heads please.  Be a wise head instead, have some common sense.  Thank you.