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Suicide. Why more young people are killing themselves than ever.

We live in a world of uber communication.

We watch, we hear, we talk, spewing out, repeating what we have heard and believe to be the norm even in our own families we repeat what we hear and see.

Words have tremendous power, we utter them without thinking, but out of our heart, our passions and thoughts we speak the words.  Words have creative power.  They can change our emotions, hurt our emotions, lift and encourage our emotions.  They empower us to keep calm or to loose our tempers and as we keep speaking in our anger it turns to rage.  Once in rage you have lost it you are out of control.  Stop speaking the moment you feel yourself rising.  Or deliberately choose to say something kind even if you don’t feel it right then.  It will turn your emotions rather like the rudder of mighty ship.  As you continue to say what is true and right it dispels the lies and you calm down.  The storm stops.

Similarly what we listen to feeds our minds.  It programs our thoughts.  If you listen to lots of swearing and filthy words, you will swear and use ugly words.  If you listen to wholesome words and songs with life and hope in them, that’s what will be in you.

When an orange is squeezed it’s orange juice comes out.  Similarly when a person finds their emotions being squeezed what is in them comes out.  So when our young people or anyone, fills themselves with bad ugly words, words of suicide, death, loss of hope that is what they will start to believe, that is what they in turn will speak and that is what they will do.  If they listen to kill, maim, hurt, revenge, payback, suicide, death, eventually it will become part of their ethos.  This could be one reason for school killing and teenage suicide rising.

I submit it the experts and to the parents and teachers of our future generation, you have a grave responsibility for moulding these young minds.  Make sure what goes into them is helpful, true, life giving, hopefull.  So our young people know that it is possible to have a good life, hope and a future.  It’s not so hard to understand, to me it is obvious.

When you let children watch things too old for them, or that belong to perversion, or lies, or violence etc., because you let it into your home, subconsciously you are saying to your family it is ok, because you have allowed it into your home.  Adults/parents;  YOU are to be a safe place for your children and your home is to be a haven from the fears and storms of life.  You are not meant to bring the fears into your homes!

I have raised three children and employed what I am saying.  I worked in Sundays schools with kids most of my life.  I heard frequently about how most of the children had nightmares!  I asked what they watched on TV?  They all told me about programs their parents let them watch in the name of family time that scared them.  They openely said they were scared.  Vampires, nasty faces of the walking dead.  Witches.  Programs that twist male and female rolls put out in cartoon format to lesson the blow, but cause confusion to our children about who they are. When I asked them to tell their parents, the response was that parents thought it was alright for them.  Let me tell you  CHILDREN HAVE VERY SENSITIVE SOULS.  THEY STILL KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG.  It is inbuilt in them by God their creator and when you constantly expose them to bad things to cope, they have to subconsciously start to harden their hearts/soul.  Eventually their conscience can become severed, hardened to what is right or wrong, good or evil.  Eventually they will not know and think anything goes. Living for themselves and the results down the road are the demise and destruction of civilized society.  When you are old and frail, do you want people who no longer know right from wrong to be taking care of you?  Do want people that have no conscience running our country, our schools?

It time to stop and take inventory of the negative fruit all these negative misguided programs and music have had upon our young people and even us.

Don’t say you don’t know why!  Take a look at the fruit the tree is producing and it becomes obvious it is bad.  TIME FOR A CHANGE FOR THE GOOD, THE WHOLESOME, THE HOPEFUL, THE LIFEGIVING WORDS OF TRUTH.

Here’s the process of how you do things:

1. A thought comes to you

2  You entertain it, stroke it, feel it, dwell on it

3  It grows to become a strong emotion or thought in you to the point you want to act   on it.

4  You act it out.  If you keep acting it out and speaking it out it becomes a pattern of behavior in your life.

5  Next it becomes a stronghold in your life, something you find hard or impossible not to do.

6  You then become demonized because you have opened a gate into your soul, mind, will and emotions for this evil to live in you because you are living in it.

7  There is hope through Christians who understand these things to get deliverance and be set free.

8  However,  you cannot go back to that bad thing again or it will come on you 7 times worse!  So it must be a game changer when you go for help to start a new life and new way of living.

I was in the park last week and could hear  teenagers crashing through the undergrowth long before I could see them.  There were two boys and two girls, plus an iPod playing some kind of music.  EXCEPT the loud words I heard were death not life!  They were saying, we are going kill you and then kill ourselves to some strong beat.

This is similar years ago to Nirvana a heavy metal group whose leader Kirk Cobane talked and sang suicide AND EVENTUALLY COMMITED SUICIDE.  Documented are the suicides of young people who listened to his lyrics.  Even my eldest daughter got drawn into this.  She looked like a walking corpse, would not go out into the sunlight, curtains drawn in her room, withdrawn into her own dark world of false imaginations.  That the world was against her, that no one loved her, that there was no hope, no point in living.

When praying God for help He told me my daughter had a spirit of suicide and grief come upon her through listening to Nirvana.  I was not sure that this was possible through music.  But I had nothing to lose by praying to set her free in Jesus name.  I did.  Upon my return from the walk I found her outside blinking like an owl in the bright sunlight.  The curtains of her bedroom were open and ABBA as blasting out!  How different and opposite.  Since then I have seen the power of words in many people, including myself and only the truth of Christ can fully set set you free.  But it is not to be taken lightly or irreverently it does require a lifestyle change.  BUT IT IS SOOOOOOOH WORTH IT!

I explore you to take stock of where you are with the words your mouth speaks.

Are you building your family or destroying it by the words of you mouth.

Let the meditations of your heart be pure and innocent and sweet.  Your life and the lives of those around you will start to grow and thrive in Jesus name.  Amen.